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33% of new cars sold in the Netherlands are now plug-in cars


In the context of the fall in the overall market, which fell 7% y / y in April, the Dutch plug-in market (PEV) continued to grow, reaching 33% last month. This is mainly due to clean electricity (20% of all new car sales), which is up 98% from last month (y / y) last month. Overall, since the beginning of the year, the market share of embedded vehicles has grown to 30% (17% BEV).

Skoda Enyaq won the bestseller race in April with 869 registrations made last month, which allowed it to also take 1st place in the overall rankings! The Czech model was followed by Lynk & Co 01 PHEV, which scored 691 registrations, finishing 4th overall.

Concluding the podium, we have Swedish cousin Lynk & Co, Volvo XC40 PHEV, which managed to overcome the Kia EV6 № 4, and the sporty Korean finished the month with the best result of the year in 338 registrations.

Several more models in the top 10 received the best results of the year. Emphasizing the good point that BEV have in this market: the Peugeot e-208 EV № 5 was delivered 324, with the French hatchback being the only representative of its category in the top 20. Polestar 2 was 7th with 210 registrations. stylish fastback profits from cheaper versions to increase sales, and in the 8th we have a stylish Cupra Born with 188 registrations, the best new year for the Spanish EV.

In the second half of the table the highlight is the arrival of the SAIC MG 5, a compact electric station wagon that has its market segment entirely. Expect it to become a familiar face here.

Outside the top 20 in April landed the long-awaited Mercedes EQE, a model with terribly long shoes that need to be filled – after all, it’s only should replace the Mercedes E-Class, a longtime world leader in the full size category. Next time it will be time to see if EQE has what it takes to reach the levels of current world leaders in full, such as BYD Han or XPeng P7, but for now let’s celebrate its first 23 registrations in the Netherlands, many undoubtedly are demonstration models. For comparison, the current market leaders, the Audi e-tron (67 units in April), BMW iX (65) and Mercedes EQS (39), seem to be readily available for the new three-pointed star. Maybe in a few months we will even see him in the top 20?…

Looking at the 2022 rankings, Skoda Enyaq has benefited from a strong month to jump two positions and reach the top spots. If production restrictions do not stop it, the Czech language now seems the most likely candidate for the 2022 bestseller title.

The Czech model is followed by Lynk & Co 01 PHEV and Volvo XC40 PHEV. The Chinese brand is proving to be the winning bet of Geely’s leadership.

Below we see the Kia EV6 and Peugeot e-208 EV, which rise to 7th and 8th place respectively, with both models leading in their categories (medium size / segment D and compact / B-segment).

In the second half of the table, the Geely – Volvo Group had two models going up. The Volvo XC40 BEV climbed one position to № 11, and its more sporty cousin, the Polestar 2, jumped to № 14.

In the ranking of manufacturers, the leader Volvo (12.6%) received some positions over BMW, which took second place (9%). Meanwhile on the last place of the pedestal is comfortably growing Kia (8.4%).

Outside the podium, Skoda (6.7%) profits from Enyaq’s success, surpassing Mercedes (6.4), becoming the new 4th place.

In terms of OEMs, the Volkswagen Group (20.9%) is still in the lead, but the second Geely-Volvo (19.7%, parent company Volvo, Polestar and Lynk & Co) still has a German group in the area. action, so we In the coming months should be a close duel OEM.

Stellantis (14.3%) remained in 3rd place, while Hyundai-Kia (12.7%), which is growing, is looking to climb the podium by the end of the year.

Finally, in 5th place, we have the BMW Group (11.5%) kept a safe distance from its sworn competitor Mercedes Group.



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