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2023: Southern Presidency of the holiday – Yoruba Ron


The socio-political organization, the Yoruba Ronu Group, has warned those politicians who promote the concept of the “northern president” to stop there or view them as looters with inflammatory comments, deliberately to exacerbate the country’s current security concerns and seek to further polarize the country. on more problems than those in our hands now.

Group leader Dyran Iantan said Nigerian political elites were deliberately promoting disunity as a political weapon. In his opinion, this is a dangerous trend that can create an endless crisis in the country.

Ianton, in a statement given to reporters Friday in Akure, the capital of Onda, through the group’s communications director Steve Boyode, however, said the “southern presidency”, this time in 2023, should be considered sacred to the nation’s permanent unity.

According to him, “such actions obviously demonstrate a negative image of the country and are capable of misleading the country by leaving the current station of peace and prosperity.

“Politicians during this season’s election should focus on those positive areas that are relevant to uniting us as a nation. Everyone must ensure that what is passed on to the public is material that contributes to the strengthening of national peace, unity and development, taking into account the critical times that the country is going through.

“Positive unifying comments are something that needs to be promoted in the media to ensure that tensions do not escalate.”
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Iantan, who also urged politicians to maintain decency during the election campaign, said that “ordinary members of our political class should avoid actions that could lead to disunity. We need to make sure that the words we say correspond to cohesion, not chaos. We need to express our love for this country, not emphasize tribal and religious differences and generative misconceptions about deceiving a part of the country to look above others.

“The only important factor in maintaining unity in the country is the permanent rotating presidency. The lie preached around that “southern candidates do not have the numerical strength to win the election” must be rejected for the sake of the unity of our dear Motherland.

“The NDP’s trick of not officially zoning the presidency to the south of the country will ultimately be a boomerang. Any Southern candidates nominated by any political party will vote en masse for Southerners to become the next president.

“However, for the sake of fairness, justice and fairness, we must seriously correct the mistake before such events.”

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