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12 most chaotic tweets by Ilona Mask


Elon Musk hit the headlines in April 2022 when he bought the social networking site Twitter for $ 43 billion. Tesla CEO and tech mogul has had a long history with the platform, and not all is well. He is known for tweeting controversial opinions and refusing to filter his thoughts, and this has led to some rather ridiculous posts.

From the infamous avalanche with Microsoft founder Bill Gates to the Flat Earth Society trolling, his Twitter activity has not been boring at all. Also, now that he owns the site and is working to make it private, things have to get even more incredible.


Updated May 9, 2022 by Tanner Fox: There is something to be said about Ilona Mask’s decoration on Twitter; though not as professional as one might expect, no one could ever call a tech mogul boring or predictable. In one case he will praise the progress made by SpaceX, and in the next he will retweet old memes.

No matter how chaotic his activities are, he clearly has to believe in the platform, as his recent wholesale purchase of Twitter was one of the record books. Time will tell what will happen to the social networking site led by Mask, but, good or bad, there is no doubt that he will create new memes at every turn.

Is it Mars or the Moon?

Remember when Elon Musk tweeted a photo of the moon with the caption “Occupy Mars?” For any other far-sighted billionaire, this would be a serious moment, especially since he was immediately challenged by astrophysicist Neil de Grass Tyson. But Elon simply admitted that he did not pay much attention when composing the post.

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It’s not just chaotic, but it’s also an idea of ​​how carelessly his other tweets were delivered or how little time he could spend on confirming the data before he tweeted.

Shorts boy

Twitter users have often wondered how Elon Musk can do so much in one day, and his tweets can actually offer some perspective on this. That same weekend, Musk sent out loud tweets about some important questions, investor surveys, video of Tesla’s most affordable electric carmodel 3, which moves on icy tundra, and an extremely important update about the addition of short shorts to the line of Tesla products, which he promised to model.

Of course, the now famous short shorts made of red unisex satin with the inscription “S3XY” on the back, of course, captured the Internet, and the company even struggled to keep up with the huge demand.

Not a miracle worker

Shortly after he acquired Twitter, the internet was filled with a flurry of fake tweets claiming that the billionaire would search for everything from Netflix to NASA. After the unprecedented capture, everything seemed possible, but Musk made it clear that he could not do the impossible.

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Responding to one of these bogus tweets, he clarified that he would not eventually engage in McDonald’s seizure to fix their ice cream vending machines, claiming he was incapable of miracles. His hands are full, of course, but if Musk can’t fix the knowingly faulty soft service stations in the restaurant chain, no one can.

When he fully supported Kanye’s presidential candidacy, but then had to step down

Unsurprisingly, Musk decided too early to elect his friend Kanye West as president. On July 4, 2020, Musk tweeted that Kanye had full support to run for president, and only four days later he admitted that he may have been wrong in his decision, as he and Kanye had more disagreements than he thought. .

Musk did a responsible thing by publicly withdrawing his support, but he had to learn about Kanye’s priorities before he declared his full support, especially since at the time he had more than 47 million followers.

Mars Attack

In 2015, Musk appeared on Late show with Stephen Colbert and offered to “warm up” Mars by dropping thermonuclear weapons on its poles. He may have been joking, or maybe he was quite serious, but Colbert ironically said that Ilona’s idea makes him sound like a supervillain.

Perhaps Musk wasn’t quite kidding, because in August 2019. he tweeted again about nuclear processing of Mars and announced a line of t-shirts.

This time it was corrected by the Flat Earth Society

Known for his help in making groundbreaking advances in rocket technology, Elon Musk is an important part of modern astrophysics. In 2017, he took to Twitter the question of why there is no society dedicated to conspiracy regarding the shape of other celestial bodies.

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The The Flat Earth Society soon responded, stating that apparently unlike Earth, Mars has already been confirmed round. It is unknown how one planet could be round and its neighbor remains flat, and it seems that this revolutionary field of thought struck Mask, who never responded.

What does that mean?

It is possible that the pioneer billionaire knows more secrets about America than most people, but it is quite chaotic to tease such extremely dramatic secrets on Twitter without any context. He is tweeted about this amazing meme about zone 51 that America doesn’t use a metric system, which shows that Musk may just feel like he “knows” something big about it.

Currently, America is the only industrialized country in the world that does not use the metric system. Musk claims he knows something about it, but thinks some secrets are too dangerous – but what could that mean?

This attempt is a mask

Musk interested everyone after he wrote on Twitter that he wanted to get rid of physical property and would not own a house. How exactly this would work for the multibillionaire was unclear, but his then-partner Grimes was not in full support.

Mask’s posts on Twitter often seem like a strange stream of ideas of consciousness, things he will almost certainly not act on, although he still feels the need to share them with his millions of followers.

When his tweet smashed Tesla shares

Musk has become somewhat infamous in the cryptocurrency community because of his often shaky support for technology, which has led to huge currency crashes. In a similar vein in May 2020, he tweeted that Tesla shares, in his opinion, were too high, and soon they fell markedly.

One investor then responded by saying he lost thousands of dollars because of one tweet. This suggests that Mask’s cavalier relationship may seem like fun and games, but in some circumstances they can have a real impact on the real world.

Captain Mars?

Twitter really loves a funny billionaire, especially since most technologies often take themselves too seriously on social media. Mask’s amazing humor can be quite chaotic, but sometimes he is also self-aware.

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This recent tweet, for example, proves that Musk knows how people associate him with any news related to Mars. Responding to the now viral video with the full rotation of the planet Mars from NASA, which unfortunately was deleted, Musk just wrote this cheeky line, and it had a tweet.

Beef Bill Gates

Ilona Mask's controversial tweet about Bill Gates.

Rough, contradictory and arguably chaotic, this must be one of the wildest things Elon Musk has ever written on Twitter. Tesla’s CEO and co-founder Microsoft has long had problems with political differences, but hostility has never taken a more bizarre turn.

Comparing the unpleasant image of Gates with emoji, Musk attracted the attention of many Twitter users, gaining 1.4 million favorites. It’s almost hard to believe that what might otherwise be considered bullying in the schoolyard is actually happening between the two richest people on the planet, but that’s not a ridiculous example of the common language of social media these days.

Elon makes an offer

This may seem like a fairly common tweet, but it ended up being one of the most chaotic in the platform’s history. By acquiring about nine percent of the total number of shares of Twitter, Musk made an application to buy the entire company on April 14, 2022.

Although this was hotly contested, the board eventually agreed with Mask, who then moved on to make the company private. It was one of the most significant moments in the history of social media, and it’s hard to say what Twitter will look like months and years after the multibillionaire’s buyout.

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