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10 memes that perfectly sum up Legolas as a character


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

A second season has already been confirmed. Rings of power will continue to expand the large world originally created by J. R. R. Tolkien. The TV show has also undoubtedly renewed interest in the legendary awardee The Lord of the Rings trilogy featuring such iconic characters as Frodo Baggins, Gandalf the Gray and Legolas.

Legolas is a fan-favorite member of the Fellowship of the Ring and has been the subject of numerous memes. There is no shortage of memes that perfectly capture the personality of the elven prince, his relationships and the main actions of the films.


The red sun rises

Tracking down the Uruk-hai gang that captured Merry and Pippin, Legolas says the iconic quote as he describes the “red sun”. He goes on to explain that this means that “blood was spilled that night,” adding even more pressure to an already tense situation.

The meme-worthy moment has become a popular format that captures Legolas’ unusual (often poetic) way with words. It also speaks volumes for his unique intelligence due to his elven ancestry, which makes him knowledgeable about information that others are blissfully unaware of.

A strong connection

Sometimes it seems like it, but Legolas isn’t perfect. He is a flawed character who once showed his weakness before the battle at Helm’s Deep. He confronts Aragorn about fighting when they are almost certainly doomed, but soon finds the courage to stand behind his close friend on the eve of battle.

The humorous meme depicts Legolas’ deep respect and love for Aragorn, who is willing to follow him to the death if necessary. The Elf’s momentary lack of courage is a small aspect of his personality, and the fact that he manages to overcome it for the sake of his oath and his friends speaks volumes for his character.

The best archer

Legolas often manages to stand out during several battles in LotR movies thanks to the choice of weapons – bow and arrows. He is an incredibly talented archer who repeatedly displays stunning maneuvers, such as during his fight with a troll or more importantly his strategic attack on Oliphant.

The funny meme highlights the fact that Legolas’ skills are inextricably linked to his character. He has proven time and time again that there is more than one way to effectively wield a bow and arrow, as these weapons can be used to take down even the largest of enemies.

Not the best time

Before the thrilling Battle of Hornburg, Legolas tries to convince Aragorn that their efforts are futile and that they will meet their agonizing deaths that night. He says all of this in Elvish so that no one around them can understand their heated argument, but Aragorn’s use of the common language for an angry reply silences the room.

The nasty meme pokes fun at the confrontation between the two. They had used Elvish to communicate before, and this commonality was both good and bad for their friendship. Knowing Legolas’ language might come in handy in some circumstances, but at the time it only made things worse.

Only one is considered

Real rivalry between Legolas and Gimli eventually turns into an unexpectedly close friendship. However, they do not lose their competitiveness and will always try to beat each other by counting how many enemies they manage to kill during each new battle.

A funny meme mentions one instance where Legolas miraculously defeats the huge Oliphant. Clearly surprised, but secretly impressed, Gimli reminds him “that it still counts as one.” This friendly competition is a touching part of Legolas’ portrayal in the films.


An unforgettable scene involving Legolas and Gimli takes place during the battle near the Black Gate. They think that the final struggle for Middle-earth might mean their deaths, so Gimli notes that he “never thought” that he would “die fighting side by side with an elf.” Legolas’ honest response is a question that sums up how far they’ve come – “how about being side by side with a friend?”

A hilarious meme captures this exchange while highlighting an often-overlooked part of Legolas’ character. Not only is he a talented fighter, but he is also compassionate and empathetic. His comforting words probably helped Gimli gain extra courage for the terrible battle that lay ahead.

The culture of the elves

Throughout the trilogy, Legolas is the elf that the audience sees the most (since he is part of the Brotherhood). It makes sense then that fans would learn a lot about elves just by watching Legolas and what he’s capable of.

The amusing meme highlights Legolas’ role as a representative of certain aspects of “elf culture.” His elven skills are an integral part of his character, which includes keen hearing, the ability to see things from a great distance and in the dark, and his unmatched agility and stamina.

He wasn’t even there

The hilarious reunion happens when Frodo finally wakes up in Rivendell after the nerve-wracking events at Mount Doom. Frodo greets his friends as they enter the room, but he makes no secret of the fact that he has his favorites.

A side meme points out Legolas’ lack of focus compared to everyone else. The elf is sometimes more intimidating and reserved, often shining during battle rather than in happier scenes. It’s not a bad thing that he never got close to Frodo like the others did, as Legolas made lifelong bonds of his own.

Light tingling

Gimli makes the mistake of underestimating how much liquor Legolas can drink when the dwarf challenges him to a “drinking game”. A comedy sequence ensues, showing Gimli drunkenly in front of a tall pile of empty mugs. Legolas, on the other hand, is very happy to feel the “slight tingle”.

This is one of the Legolas’ most iconic quotes and featured in a meme that sums up one of the things that makes an Elf different from other Brotherhood members. Legolas’ already remarkable skill set is made even more extraordinary by his inhuman ability to drink absurd amounts of alcohol.

That’s cool

The action scenes that highlight Legolas’ skills can be over the top at times, which may make some viewers rightfully question how realistic the sequences are. One particular scene that caused some controversy occurred during the Battle of Helm’s Deep, where Legolas is depicted using his shield to slide down a ladder while shooting enemies with incredible accuracy.

This is exactly the scene the meme is referencing, which also points out that for some fans, it just shows how badass Legolas can be. It’s a cool moment in a tense battle, and there are a few others that remind viewers why so many love Legolas.

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