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10 dietary changes that can help fight diabetes


Diabetes is one word that makes your mind wander in many directions! You ask yourself these questions: will it last forever? Will I ever recover? How can I manage your diabetes? Well, these are smart questions that everyone should ask. And, yes, you can recover! You just need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle and everything will be fine.

While this may seem like an insurmountable obstacle or a wall that cannot be overcome, there are thousands of diabetics with good evidence. Older people who have lived through diabetes so much that they sometimes forget they have diabetes. How can this be your testimony? Well, the pointers below show some things you can do to start your own journey of overcoming diabetes.

Of course, it will be difficult to give up all your favorite dishes. But no one says you need to get rid of them all at once. You just have to be smart before that. Don’t make diabetes “complicated”, make “complicated” nutrition to make diabetes “simple”. As with everything else, to beat diabetes, you need to put a lot of effort into your overall lifestyle. Just be aware and you will succeed. To eliminate diabetes, take a step towards improving your eating habits and you will generally feel much better.

Some dietary changes to help you fight diabetes

1. Eat comprehensive to live simplyA: Food complexes don’t mean you have to stop eating everything. It just means you have to make your carbs complex over simple, as this is the best type of carb for diabetics. Complex carbohydrates are slowly digested and maintain a stable glucose level in the body.

2. Make fiber an important part of your diet: Fiber refers to plant foods that slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates and maintain satiety for longer periods of time. Yes, fiber can greatly improve your situation. You don’t have to go in search of high-fiber foods. You can fix the fiber by following these simple tips:

  • Do not sift flour
  • Eat whole fruits over a glass of juice
  • Choose whole grains and whole beans
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Do not peel edible parts of fruits such as apples, guavas, pears, peaches
  • Make soups and salads with your best friends

3. Choose healthier options for your favorite foods

Instead Choose these
White bread Brown bread
Normal companies Bran crayfish / multigrain crayfish
Meat Fish
Normal rice / boiled rice Brown rice
Sweet or flavored cornflakes Ordinary cornflakes / oats
Sugar Jagger / honey
Vegetable sandwich with mayonnaise Sandwich with vegetables Hungcard
Normal chocolate Dark chocolate
Creamy cheese sauce Salsa dip
Whole milk Skim milk
Salted nuts Unsalted nuts
Soda Salted fresh lime
Potato sticks Raw vegetable sticks
Fried chicken Grilled chicken
White pasta Whole wheat pasta
Fruit juices Whole fruits

Of course, it can be very difficult to give up all your favorite dishes. Instead of giving up altogether, you can choose close alternatives as above. Choose a healthier version of your favorite dishes and you will be grateful for it.

4. Say TRAN-FAT “NEVER AGAIN”: Trans fats are mainly obtained chemically by hydrogenating oils. It will worsen your condition! To avoid trans fats, avoid chips, cookies, pastries and margarine. Include healthy fats by following these simple techniques:

  • Add olive oil or rice bran to the butter or ghee
  • Before cooking the chicken, remove the skin
  • Prefer healthy cooking methods such as grilling, baking and roasting rather than frying
  • Improve the taste of food by using more herbs and spices instead of oil. This will not only give you good taste, but also prevent the consumption of excess oil, and will give you the benefits of antioxidants
  • Prefer fish over red meat as it is rich in good fats
  • Eat fish 2-3 times a week instead of red meat.
  • As a dressing, use hanging cottage cheese instead of mayonnaise
  • Prefer baked chips to fried ones

5. Choose foods with a low glycemic index: The glycemic index refers to the rate at which a particular food raises blood glucose levels. Foods with high GI increase blood glucose levels and vice versa. Again, fiber is your hero! Fiber-rich foods have a lower glycemic index – another reason why you should take them.

Some Sources with low GI include whole nuts, whole cereals, cherries, oatmeal, apple, vermicelli, whole nuts, prunes, plain yogurt, soy milk, whole milk, peaches, channa dal and peanuts.

6. Eat small but often: The logic here is that heavy food raises glucose levels. Thus, small frequent meals will keep our metabolism at a high level while maintaining glucose levels.

7. Walking and exercise – your best friends: Exercise is important because it helps maintain an ideal body weight, which is very important for diabetics. Exercise helps your weight loss efforts, and is especially important for maintaining an ideal body weight.

8. Limit only high-calorie fruits: With the exception of some fruits such as mango, banana and chika, you can eat any fruit, but only in the prescribed quantities.

9. Use functional foods in your diet: These foods provide “extra benefits” to your diet. Aside from nutrition, it gives you a number of benefits. Functional foods are full of antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and high in fiber. Some of these include mustard seeds, flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves and chia seeds.

10. Before going to bed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I taking too much alcohol? If the answer is no, then you are fine
  • Am I taking the medication correctly? If so, pat yourself on the back
  • Are my feet clean? No? Then hurry to the bathroom!
  • Do I feel stressed? If your answer is yes? Relax to the music and take a deep breath. Remember that nothing is at the cost of your health and make sure you feel relieved.
  • Did I check my weight?
  • Did I walk 45 minutes today? If so, then you did well. Feel good because you are on your way to fighting diabetes
  • Now, time to sleep … The right time is very important. Get some sleep.

You can manage diabetes by living healthy. A moderate and healthy diet can bring you really good results!

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