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Will there be an iPhone 14 Mini?


OPINION: Apple plans to debut several new products per week, primarily updates to the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Looks like we’ll see a couple iPhone 14 models presented on ‘far away’ event on Wednesday (September 7), another iPhone 14 Pro duo, perhaps three version of the Apple Watch and perhaps the long-awaited one AirPods Pro 2.

As has become a common occurrence in the weeks and months leading up to a big Apple event, the Internet rumor mill fires up. It was certainly the case this year. We’ve heard that Apple may be planning to reduce the size of the notch, install a different A-series chipset in cheaper phones, and increase the number of megapixels on Pro phones for the first time. Apple may also return to its Plus branding for a larger phone, for the first time in a while.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, online reports indicate that we will see Apple Watch Pro – a more durable, larger wearable designed to handle the best Garmin watches along with the cheaper Apple Watch SE upgrade.

Is this the end for the iPhone Mini?

It’s a lot, and of course, until Tim Cook takes the stage, we won’t know exactly which of these leaks will turn out to be true.

However, one particular hearing stood out to me more vividly than the others, and that is the fate of the iPhone 14 Mini.

Even before the iPhone 13 Mini was announced 12 months ago, leaks suggested it would be the last installment of the short-lived series. And in the run-up to the release of the iPhone 14, speculation that Apple will not replace its measly 5.4-inch screen phone has only grown louder.

Mark Gurman, usually a very reliable Apple reporter Bloomberg, wrote earlier this week that Apple would not be releasing an iPhone 14 Mini. “But as I have already described extensively, there will be no iPhone 14 mini to replace the iPhone 13 mini. Instead, Apple is focusing on larger devices.” said Gurman.

However, Apple isn’t just abandoning the Mini without a replacement. Reports (including Gurman’s data linked above) indicate that instead of going limited, Apple will release the iPhone 14 Plus (or possibly the Max), a scaled-up version of its base iPhone 14 with a screen to match the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is a clear indication that Apple believes there is more of a market for a more affordable, larger device rather than a smaller one.

Home screen iphone 13 pro max
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As much as I liked the mini iPhones, I have to agree that the cheaper and larger iPhone 14 was more successful. Big phones are everywhere, and the iPhone 14 itself is likely to be smaller than most Android competitors. There’s always been a glaring gap in Apple’s phone line-up, and that’s a big sub-£1,000/$1,000 phone.

It’s not something to say iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 mini were not welcomed. I have reviewed both devices and received high marks. Apple’s focus on porting nearly every feature of the larger device to the smaller one is commendable, and I’m sure there will be quite a few disappointed people when the news of the series’ discontinuation becomes official on Wednesday.

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