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Why some scenes in Smallville make actor Lex Luthor cringe


Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum looks back on romantic scenes that make him cringe as he re-watches Smallville with Clark Kent star Tom Welling.

Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum discusses why observes itself in some Smallville the scenes make him shudder. Rosenbaum played a younger version of the iconic villain for seven seasons before leaving the show. He co-starred with Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent before Superman, and their characters’ complex relationship is a cornerstone of the series. This was especially true in the first few seasons, as their dynamic was key to setting the tone of the show.


In the years after him Smallville release, Rosenbaum turned to podcasting inside you a show that delves deep into the lives and work experiences of celebrities. Rosenbaum and Welling are currently engaged in a Smallville re-watch the podcast where they rewatch every episode of the show in chronological order. They share behind-the-scenes details from their time on the series along with analysis of individual episodes, including their own performances.

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In the episode of Talk to Villa where they look back on Season 1, Episode 9 of Outcast, the pair discuss working with actor Kelly Brook. In the episode, Brooke guest stars as Luthor’s ex-girlfriend Victoria Hardwick. While Welling was quick to praise the performance and interaction between the two actors, Rosenbaum reflected on his feelings about acting in the romantic scenes, expressing some concern. Check out his quote below:

You know, I have to say I was a little embarrassed. You know, sometimes with those scenes with her, I just felt like, I mean some of them were good, I just felt like every time I look like I’m being romantic or flirty or something, I just cringe.

Rosenbaum is hardly alone in his distaste for watching himself on screen, at least in some scenes. Many actors openly refuse to watch their own performances because it makes them overly critical of their work and keeps them second-guessing themselves. Romantic scenes can be particularly sensitive, so it makes sense that they make Rosenbaum particularly uncomfortable. However, how his rendition of Lex Luthor considered by many to be one of the best takes on a classic DC villain, it’s clearly something he’s worked on Smallvilleincluding Season 1, remains a favorite with viewers to this day.

Rosenbaum’s comment underscores the candid nature Talk to Villa and why celebrity rewatch podcasts are quickly becoming a popular genre in the industry. It’s interesting to hear two actors far removed from the series revisit it in this way, in Rosenbaum’s case perhaps acknowledging something he may not have been comfortable sharing shortly after Season 1 aired. Fortunately, despite ​​any doubts Rosenbaum might have when watching certain scenes, both he and Welling clearly share a love for their time on the show, even working on the animation Smallville continuation of the series it could be the perfect companion to their podcast.

Source: Talk to Villa

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