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Why should you replace your old Apple Airpods with the latest Apple Airpods Pro 2? The main results of the event on September 7


On September 7, 2022, Apple held an online event where CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues announced three new Apple products: the iPhone 14, Apple Airpods Pro 2, and the latest version of the Apple Watch. All the products have seen many improvements, but Airpods have been improved the most in terms of battery and features. But should you trade in your old Airpods for the new Airpod Pro 2? What else is new in Apple Airpod Pro 2? We will learn about it in this article.

How long does the Airpod Pro 2 battery last?

For me, the battery is the most important thing in any Airpods because I need to charge my phone all the time, I’d also like to have a set of headphones that don’t require constant charging. Fortunately, Apple decided to put me out of my misery. The new Apple Airpod Pro 2 has battery life 6 hours, which is 33% more than the previous model. With the charging case Apple Airpods Pro 2 can work up to 30 hours, which is 6 hours more than the last version.

What noise canceling modes does Airpod Pro 2 have?

Apple Airpods Pro 2 has significantly improved noise reduction, allowing you to enjoy your music in even harsher environments. At the event, a site with a literal “earth auger” (a huge drill) was shown, and Apple claimed that with “Active Noise Cancellation” mode, you could listen to your music in peace even if you were standing there.

Another mode is called “Transparency Mode” is included in the Apple Airpod Pro 2, and it will allow you to talk to someone without having to pause the music. You can do this by simply pressing the force sensors on the stem of Airpods Pro 2.

How to find lost AirPods Pro 2?

UN technology was first included in Airpods Pro 2, which can allow you to find your Airpods even if they are not in the case, you can find Airpods even if one Airpods is lost. Airpod Pro 2 also includes a speaker at the bottom of the case that rings and helps you find it, it also indicates when the battery is low.

Does the Airpod Pro 2 have an improved chip?

All previous Apple Airpods used the H1 chip, which is replaced by the H2 chip in the latest Apple Airpods Pro 2. The new chip will provide an overall better user experience and improve the quality and lifespan of Airpods.

Are the Airpods reusable?

All Airpods Pro 2 magnets are made from recycled aluminum that occurs in nature, which is how Apple promotes environmental safety. The rest of the body is made of stainless steel and a small amount of nickel, and it is 100% reusable, if you replace your old Airpods with the new Apple Airpods Pro 2, they will be reused to create new Airpods.

How to replace old Airpods with new ones?

You can take your old Airpods to any Apple retail store to exchange them for the new Apple Airpod Pro 2 and you will get a decent discount.

It’s a no-brainer for me that you should definitely replace your old AirPods with the new Apple Airpods Pro 2 as they offer better battery life, noise cancellation and overall performance.

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