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What’s wrong with King Viserys in Dragon House?


Here’s the reasoning: Viserys is far from the only king in George RR Martin’s universe to injure himself on the Iron Throne, a facility designed by Aegon the Conqueror, said to test those who sit on it. A king must be alert, strong, and agile; The Iron Throne tests these qualities and punishes those who fail. Allow yourself to be cut by many blades and you may not be the right fit for the role.

The scene two centuries later Battle of the kings, Chapter 65 features royal psychopath Joffrey Baratheon cutting himself with one of the blades of the legendary throne. (U Song of ice and flame in the books, the throne is a more powerful and deadly construct than the one popularized by the original series.)

Joffrey jumped to his feet. “I am the king! Kill him! Kill him now! I command.” He was slashing with his hand, a furious, angry gesture… and screeched in pain as his hand touched one of the sharp metal fangs that surrounded him. The bright crimson color of his sleeve turned a darker shade of red as the blood soaked it. “Mother!” – he howled.

All eyes were on the king, and the man on the floor somehow wrenched the spear from one of the golden cloaks and used it to pull himself to his feet. “The throne denies him!” he shouted. “He is not a king!”

Battle of the kingsChapter 65, page 138.

As a Lannister, born of incest and not related by blood to his predecessor, King Robert Baratheon, Joffrey was certainly not genetically part of the royal line, so the person here interpreting the Iron Throne’s “rejection” from Joffrey has some symbolic meaning .

Descendant of Viserys Mad King Eris II, was part of the royal blood, but, as his epithet indicates, also unfit to rule. In fact, Daenerys Targaryen’s father memorably earned himself the second nickname “King Scab” for the many injuries inflicted by the Iron Throne. U A feast for crows, Chapter 16, of Aerys says, “But the blades still tormented him, the ones he could never escape, the blades of the Iron Throne. The hands and feet were always covered in scabs and half-healed cuts.’

The Iron Throne even killed one king, or so the story goes. King Maegor the Fierce – the Targaryen it was feared the Daemon Prince would be more like if he were crowned – was found on his throne, bleeding to death and the cause of his death unknown. What if Maegor decided to take his own life and used the throne to do so? What if his wife, an enemy, or (somehow) the throne itself killed him?

Apparently, everyone is a critic, even the palace furniture. If the injuries to Viserys’ throne suggest that he isn’t doing a great job ruling the Seven Kingdoms, would that be a fair judgment? Consider the steps he’s taken so far: choosing his dream of a male heir over Queen Emma’s life (and losing them both), further breaking with the powerful House of Velarion rejecting their daughter in marriage and making an enemy of his brother Daemon by naming Rhaenyra as his heir. None of them are brilliant. (By the way, there was a finger cut immediately after Viserys banished the Daemon, perhaps warning of dangerous future consequences.)

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