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What to watch this weekend: Clerks III


Scribes III it is a story of relationships and their impact. Several decades after the events in Scribes II, Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) continue to enjoy life as the proud owners of the Quick Stop in glorious Red Bank, New Jersey. The two spend their afternoons geeking out, bossing around unruly customers and playing hockey on the roof. When Randall suffers an unexpected heart attack, he begins to question his contribution to the world thus far. Motivated, he enlists the help of Dante and local rascals Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) to create a film about their adventures working at the store.

What works in Scribes III it’s an unbridled love for the View Askew universe. Smith, who once again serves as writer and director, delves into his own background to create the next chapter that follows these two beloved characters. Fans of the Clerks franchise will discover a treasure trove of references, callbacks, Easter eggs and more as they bathe in the warm waters of nostalgia. tonally Scribes III the particular blend of heart and humor Smith became known for. Well-intentioned, the jokes are crass, raunchy, and juvenile, of course if you’ve seen the other Jay and Silent Bob movies. But underneath is a heartfelt message about what it means to grow old with the family you choose. with Scribes IIISmith celebrates his own Hollywood journey, which began as an independent filmmaker, while acknowledging and thanking those responsible for his success: his fans, especially those who have closely followed his career.

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For those who are not familiar with the previous two Clerks movies can seem lost or confusing Scribes III. This third entry is entirely self-referential, and newcomers to the culture will undoubtedly not appreciate its style and structure. Besides, it’s obvious that Smith did Scribes III for a very specific group of people who will appreciate his deep expressions and jokes that may seem superficial and/or anachronistic to those outside of it. For example: writer Marc Bernardin (Adore and distance) makes a silent cameo as someone named Lando. This meta bit is only funny if you know that a) Bernardine is Smith’s co-host Fatman Beyond podcast and b) that the character first appeared in p Clerks. cartoon.

The best way to evaluate a movie is to determine if the filmmaking team succeeded in creating the movie they set out to make. Through this lens, Smith continues his winning streak. Of course, everyone involved Scribes III they really enjoyed it, and Smith’s meticulous nature (he’s also an editor) shows. Although it may only appeal to a very niche audience, Scribes III will warm and reward die-hard fans.

Scribes III available through select Fantom Events screenings and the Convenience Tour, which travels the country through the second half of 2022, is a road show that includes a screening and a special live post-Q&A session with Kevin Smith.

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