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What is OxygenOS? All about the OnePlus operating system


If you’re new to OnePlus, you might be wondering what OxygenOS is and how it differs from Android 13.

We’ve put together this guide to explain everything you need to know about OxygenOS, including what it is and what devices the software runs on.

What is OxygenOS?

OxygenOS is a smartphone operating system developed by and based on OnePlus Android 11.

The operating system is designed to run on OnePlus phones, but shares a code base with Oppo’s own ColorOS. The two Android systems merged back in 2021, with OnePlus and Oppo devices now running ColorOS in China. However, global versions of OnePlus phones continue to use OxygenOS.

The latest version of OxygenOS is OxygenOS 13, an update that OnePlus says is faster and smoother with a design inspired by nature.

“Aquamorphic Design provides a simplified, cleaner visual interface. With a design language based on the unique properties of water, immerse yourself in an immersive, more tranquil environment. Explore an ocean of powerful features to improve your digital life,” OnePlus writes on its website.

Key features include an intuitive Smart Launcher, sidebar toolbar and always on display with support for Spotify, Canvas AOD portraits, digital well-being and Bitmojis on the lock screen.

Connectivity tools like Fast Pair and Audio Switch for headphones and speakers, as well as support for Spacial Audio and Dolby Atmos for a more immersive listening experience. There’s also a Nearby Share feature to easily transfer photos, videos and documents to other Android devices and Chromebooks.

Finally, there’s HyperBoost to enable multiple performance modes while gaming and Zen mode to boost performance with five themes to choose from.

What devices does OxygenOS run on?

The following flagship and budget smartphones run on OxygenOS:

Above, of course, only modern models. The full list of devices running OxygenOS dates back to OnePlus 2 in 2015.

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