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Tower Of Fantasy has received its first major content update with an artificial island


Hotta Studio and Level Infinite have announced the first update for their mobile MMORPG game Fantasy Tower. The new update will be released on September 15, and players will be able to explore the Artificial Island, a new location filled with areas to explore and enemies to fight.

Once the player reaches level 50, they can start exploring the Artificial Island. But in order to explore, they will need to complete a certain mission to gain access to the area. Once they arrive on the island, they will be able to solve riddles containing the following:

  • A golden core
  • Black core
  • Red core (rare)

Players can also unlock a feature called Construction that allows them to build their own artificial island. This feature can be unlocked by completing a certain goal in the game or reaching a certain level. Players will be able to receive exclusive cards and collect building materials to create various items.

In addition to the new map, players can now unlock Claudia. In-game, she is described as a one-handed swordsman, reliable, steady, and the first to charge forward in battle.

Tower of Fantasy is a free mobile game. You can download it at Apple App Store and Google Play.

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