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ThreatLocker announces new features to strengthen zero-trust security


ThreatLocker announced the launch of the latest software add-on; a cloud-based learning feature that will help businesses strengthen security with zero trust.

This feature comes as an optional add-on to the ThreatLocker Allowlisting solution and will help enterprise organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) make business-critical and timely decisions for their organizations.

The official launch date for this cloud learning feature is September 9, 2022.

ThreatLocker’s Allowlisting is a solution that makes enabling intuitive through a learning mode and audit assistance.

In dynamic organizations, whitelisting is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. When users request new applications after endpoints have been secured, system administrators must decide whether to allow the application.

This requires a lot of knowledge about the requested application or extensive research to ensure that the application meets the organization’s security requirements.

ThreatLocker’s new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows administrators to audit the application. Without affecting the production environment, VDI creates a test environment to automatically install the requested application.

Enterprises can now upload applications to the cloud learning environment to study how applications interact with their network and determine the best course of action for their organization.

“Zero trust should be very simple, deny by default and allow by exception. After gathering feedback from our partners, we needed to make this concept as simple as possible, and we’ve just taken it to the next level. We’ve hardened the network by further strengthening controls to save our customers time and resources, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and improve business efficiency.” Danny JenkinsCEO and co-founder of ThreatLocker

This new feature will allow MSP and Enterprise organizations to not only improve overall approval accuracy, but also reduce approval time without prior training.

It allows engineers to test an application in minutes; resulting in better end-user IT network visibility.

“No other application whitelisting solution has this. Instead of rejecting an application or wasting time and resources on self-testing, this new feature takes the guesswork out of analyzing your cybersecurity stack. Using VDI and other built-in features, this feature will give the MSP community more confidence, leading to improved efficiency and security. It’s a big time saver.” Neal Yuernpresident of Juern Technology

This announcement also comes with new updates to the ThreatLocker mobile app, which now include whitelisting and height control.

ThreatLocker aims to make zero trust as easy as possible, and with this updated app, zero trust is now at your fingertips.

This mobile app (now available for both Android and iOS) allows for real-time alerts and monitoring, on-the-go approvals, push notifications, and more.

The benefits for enterprise organizations and the MSP community will be penalizing processing times and recruiting built-in programs like VirusTotal.

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