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This Pixel 7 contract is cheaper than SIM-free


While buying a phone outright like the Google Pixel 7 can save you money on your monthly bill, we’re starting to see deals that actually make it cheaper to pick up the phone while on contract.

Take this one from Mobile Phones Direct for example. It offers a Pixel 7 for £22 a month with 100GB data. There is also an upfront fee of £49 per phone.

Pixel 7 with 100GB data for £22 a month

Google’s flagship is available for 24 months for less than you’d pay to buy the phone outright. This deal is not to be missed.

  • Mobile phones Direct
  • 100 GB of data
  • 22 pounds per month

View the transaction

It’s a 24 month contract so it’s £577. To buy the phone outright, you’ll pay £599 with no data plan.

This deal covers Three’s 5G network, and you’ve got a ton of data to play with for all your streaming needs. The Pixel 7 comes in Snow White with 128GB of built-in storage and will ship next day. It is impossible to say more justly!

The Pixel 7 is the latest version of Google’s homegrown smartphones, and this model is the first to boast a second-generation Tensor processor. The phone offers an excellent camera system powered by Google’s computing technology, as well as a stylish design and a really good screen.

We gave it 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 with limited updates, relatively slow charging and the lack of a telephoto lens keeping the phone from getting a perfect score.

“The Pixel 7 offers a charming and impressive all-round experience with a particularly impressive camera system, making it very good value for money,” our review concluded.

Of course, the Pixel 7 Pro is also worth considering, but at this price we’re tempted to go for the standard edition and its 6.3-inch AMOLED display. Here is a also a great deal on the Pixel 7 Pro!

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