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This early Black Friday Pixel 7 deal is what Google fans have been waiting for


The new Pixel 7 is already available at a discounted price thanks to this Black Friday deal, making it a very tempting prospect.

Google’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 7, available for just £30 per month with 100GB of data and no upfront costs with this fantastic offer that’s arrived before Black Friday.

To put that in context, the whole deal will cost you £720 over 24 months, while the phone’s RRP is £599; and on top of that you get 100GB plus unlimited calls and texts. This is definitely a deal you shouldn’t miss.

If you’d like to compare this deal to some of the other crackers that were on sale during this sale period, just head over to our Black Friday Center Pagewhich we keep updating with all the best offers we’ve seen.

We were incredibly impressed with the Pixel 7 when we tested it recently. Not only does the design look sleek and premium, even compared to its predecessor, but it offers a very good performance on several key features, especially photography, as well as processor, battery and screen power.

£30 a month for a Google Pixel 7 and 100GB of data

The Pixel 7 is one of the best phones we’ve reviewed this year, especially for the price. Now you can get it at an incredible price that includes 100GB of data on the Three network for just £30 a month, making it even more affordable. If you are a passionate mobile photographer, this is the perfect phone for you.

  • Available mobile
  • 100GB, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and no upfront costs
  • £30 per month

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As with other Pixel phones, the camera is once again the highlight of this device. We found that in a variety of lighting conditions, the camera performed admirably, reproducing natural colors and detailing images. But the camera is far from the only reason to buy this phone.

The lightweight software is not only pleasantly intuitive, but also has some very handy features, such as Magic Eraser and Live Translate, which use the power of the new Tensor G2 chipset to perform very useful tasks.

The battery easily lasted us through a busy day of use, and the screen is solid, if a little unattractive by the standards of some flagship smartphones.

In fact, our only real criticisms of this device are that it doesn’t offer much change compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 6, that it charges relatively slowly, and that it doesn’t have a dedicated telephoto lens for optical photographic zoom. However, we didn’t find any of these attributes to be deal breakers and awarded the phone four and a half stars out of five. This deal makes the Pixel 7 even more exciting.

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