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Nine months after its first issue, Spider-Man: No Way Home returned to theaters and sparked a new wave of fan theories when it revealed new footage.

New version There is no way home includes a small number of new clips and a new credit sequence, but it also left fans with a whole new set of questions about exactly how Doctor Strange’s Deus ex machina spell worked. It seems that a memory-clearing spell has resulted in photos of Peter Parker and his friends, now obscured by pigeons and trees.

However, how does this work with the gallery of photos of Peter taken by his teachers in the first act of the film? Well, according to a fan theory, there might be a decent explanation for that. Posted by /u/YorchKeen A master of the mystical arts works in mysterious ways, or maybe he just got lucky.

Strange’s spell seems to affect the multiverse, and also works to slowly fade people’s interest in the target over time. As for Peter’s high school photos, the theory is that after Aunt May’s death became known, people removed Peter’s photos out of respect.

As good as that sounds, it wouldn’t go well with the idea at the end of the movie about Peter not being able to attend his aunt’s funeral, nor the fact that Happy doesn’t recognize Peter (her nephew) at all. Indeed, the Doctor Strange mindwipe really doesn’t stand up to much attention.

there there were also theories which Wong still remembers Peter thanks to a one-linerplus Strange was now traveling to other dimensions with Peter Parkers.

Spider-Man: Nope The way home available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and now back in theaters.

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