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The world’s first fully functional foldable iPhone is finally available


The Chinese engineer couldn’t wait for Apple to release its sophisticated version of the iPhone. A creative engineer turned an ordinary iPhone into a foldable iPhone using the Motorola 2020 Razr hinge. However, the creative iPhones that have never been witnessed come directly from Apple itself. Previously, the first iPhone with USB-C was the invention of a robot student, but now a Chinese engineer has taken this step. Although the foldable iPhone has nothing to do with Apple, it is its creation.

Even though Apple was about to release its foldable version of the iPhone, the Chinese couldn’t wait and invented their own version of the foldable iPhone. A foldable smartphone depends on the iPhone 13 Pro. The foldable iPhone is called “iPhone V”. According to the Chinese engineer, he studied the structure of Galaxy Z flip and Moto RAZR to invent something new. However, the process was not easy and it took a long time to create something different. It took nearly a year of reverse engineering, hard work, and a lot of trial and error to complete.

Fully functional

A foldable iPhone is fully functional with all the features of an iPhone. All components of the device are presented in two parts. The chip and memory are at the bottom, while the battery and camera are at the top. Also, some of the parts used had to be 3D printed.

The process was not easy, and it took about a year to reveal the foldable iPhone. All smart features like Face ID, cameras, speakers, true tone, etc. are working.

The foldable iPhone is a mix of the iPhone X’s flexible OLED display after removing the glass cover and removing the touch layer. The process required advanced equipment, delicate maneuvering and many trials before it worked. During the experiments, the engineer used about 37 X-screens. Not only that, but the project also required several Motorola Razr phones. The phones were later used to make room for the iPhone X’s internals.

In addition, the engineer also created 3D components and a custom motherboard for the phone. The process wasn’t any easier, and it took a few casualties due to space constraints. The phone finally got a paltry 1000mAh battery. However, there is no Magsafe or wireless charging.

The device includes advanced features such as facial recognition, 5G and more. The device used several software tweaks to improve iOS performance. Hacked mods were also separate from this. Finally, the device ran split-screen apps on either side of the flip-out screens.

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