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The upcoming Fitbit Charge 6 is rumored to be similar to its predecessor


What you need to know

  • The Fitbit Charge 6 is reportedly the next fitness tracker to be launched by the company.
  • It will reportedly be similar to its Charge 5 predecessor.
  • A new report suggests that it has already arrived at the FCC.

The Fitbit Charge 5 was launched as a cost-effective fitness tracker last August. A year later, new reports suggest that its successor, the Charge 6, is just around the corner. It is said to inherit similar features from its predecessor, including its design.

New report from 9to5Google suggests that the next Fitbit tracker will look identical Fitbit Charge 5which is already one of the the best fitness trackers available. Citing a source familiar with the matter, the report suggests those similarities include a curved glass surface next to an aluminum body. It will have shiny bars on the left and right for ECG readings, just like the Charge 5.

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