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The secret weapon of the Samsung Galaxy S23 display’s autonomous operation has been revealed


Nowadays with Samsung Galaxy S23 phones, we were impressed by the “absolutely phenomenal” quality of the display. However, it turns out that the AMOLED panel brings another key upgrade to battery life.

The smartphone giant has revealed that the display consists of a new AMOLED technology that provides additional battery efficiency. It’s not something the company focused on during last week’s Unpacked presentation, which is surprising given that up to 16% energy savings could be achieved.

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Learned through a news update from the good folks at Samsung Display (trans 9to5Google). Benefits of the new technology include improved brightness and lower power consumption. This is a pretty good combination, as we would normally expect these metrics to be the other way around.

Samsung says the maximum brightness on the S23 is now 1,750 nits, well above the 13,500 nits achieved on the Galaxy S22display.

The report says: “The display of the Galaxy S23 series was equipped with OLED technology with low energy consumption, which increased the light efficiency through the application of new organic materials. Thanks to the use of organic materials with new Samsung technology, energy consumption is reduced and brightness is increased. The new organic material is improved so that electrons can move faster and easier in the organic layer, and due to increased light efficiency, energy consumption is reduced by more than 13-16% compared to the previous one.”

Our reviewer said the 120Hz display is “really something to behold.” Users can also drop the refresh rate down to 1Hz if they really want to maximize battery life.

“It should come as no surprise that the display is absolutely phenomenal to use, perhaps more so than last year with the S23 Ultra’s flatter display. It delivers excellent contrast and impressively vivid colors without being overly contrasty or unnatural,” wrote our own Lewis Painter in his Galaxy S23 Ultra review.

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