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The Samsung Galaxy S23 line is expecting a price increase in Europe


The Samsung Galaxy S23 line is said to get a price jump in Europe.

The latest reports indicate that as of February, our cousins ​​in the US will no longer be paying for the privilege of owning Samsung’s slightly updated flagship phone. We in Europe, however, may not be so lucky.

Reporter Roland Quandt tweeted a price list for the Galaxy S23, believed to be from a Spanish retailer.

According to these statements, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 will start at 959 euros, which is for 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. That’s a pretty significant increase over the equivalent Samsung Galaxy S22 model, which cost €879 at launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus will apparently start at €1,209, compared to €1,129 for the equivalent 8GB/256GB Galaxy S22 Plus (which also had an 8GB/128GB option for €1,079).

As for the ultra-flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, it will cost from €1,409 for 8GB/256GB. The same situation in Art Galaxy S22 Ultra was valued at 1,379 euros, which is generally much lower. Then again, that older model had a 128GB storage option priced at €1,279.

Just like iPhone 14 range, it looks like non-Americans will be paying a much higher price for their new Samsung Galaxy phones in 2023.

If recent reports are to be believed, we can at least expect some of them improved low-light camera shots for our extra euros – and, it seems very likely, pounds.

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