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The price of the Pixel 6a has plummeted to just £16 a month for a limited time


Currently you can pick up Pixel 6a on a 24 month contract for just £16 a month – if you hurry.

Cell phones available is now offering mid-range Google smartphones on a two-year O2 contract for just £16 a month with no upfront fees.

Get a Pixel 6a for just £16 a month

You can currently pick up a Pixel 6a on a 24-month contract for less than the MSRP of a standalone phone, but the deal won’t last long.

  • Cell phones available
  • No advance
  • £16 per month

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The contract itself gives you unlimited texts and minutes, as well as 4GB of data, up from the usual 2GB. It’s actually a pretty good deal.

Indeed, if you add up the total value of the transaction, it will be £384. That’s slightly less than the Pixel 6a’s RRP of £399. Basically, you get this contract for free.

It’s not like the Pixel 6a is nearing the end of its life either, it only hit the market at the end of July.

We were very impressed with the phone when we reviewed it at launch. We awarded it four out of five stars, describing it as “a small, powerful Android phone that’s more wallet-friendly than other Google devices.”

We especially appreciated its compact form factor and clean Android 13 software from Google. Google has also promised five years of updates, so picking one up now is a future-proof prospect.

Undoubtedly, the star component here, as always with a Pixel phone, is the Pixel 6a’s camera. While the dual 12-megapixel sensors look pretty modest, the images this phone produces punch well above their weight.

Basically, if you want a future-proof phone that takes great pictures and you don’t have the cash to spare, this is the best deal for you. Don’t delay, though, because the Pixel 6a won’t last long at this price.

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