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The Oppo Find N2 is a missed opportunity


OPINION: With competition among foldable phones heating up, it’s a shame to think that the Oppo Find N2 won’t make it outside of China.

After a rocky start, it looks like the idea of ​​foldable phones is finally catching on with the public, and more brands are joining in on the fun.

Oppo was the latest company to announce two new additions to the market, one in the form of a book and one in the form of a clamshell, and going by the early images and specifications that have been released, the two handsets certainly look attractive.

Take Find N2, for example. It not only has such characteristics that will impress on any phone, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 67W fast charging, and a triple-camera system consisting of 50-megapixel, 48-megapixel, and 32-megapixel sensors. On top of all that, of course, thanks to its form factor, it also has a 5.54-inch external display and a large 7.1-inch internal display.

These panels are also impressive in their own right: both have a 120Hz refresh rate and high brightness levels, while the second-generation Flexion hinge has been reduced in size so that the bend in the middle of the screen is “67% narrower”. and therefore less noticeable.

The changes aren’t limited to hardware either; in the past we’ve found that software on complex devices can be a bit frustrating as it’s not perfectly optimized for these unusual form factors, but again, Oppo has innovated with split-screen and touch gestures introduced and refined to get more benefits from the unique qualities of the device.

These are the changes we’ve been hoping for with the latest generation of foldable phones after a mixed experience with the current batch. However, as enticing and tempting as it may seem, most of us outside of China won’t even sniff the Find N2 because it won’t be sold globally.

Instead, we’ll be able to settle for the Oppo Find N2 Flip, a clamshell variant, and that in itself is reason to be excited, but for many it will surely be a disappointment that the larger and more premium of the two won’t make it. to our shores.

This can also be seen as a missed opportunity for Oppo. While the foldable device market is still in a state of flux, this might have been as good a chance as any for the manufacturer to reassert itself at the cutting edge of smartphone technology; There certainly seems to be an appetite for alternatives, and it’s been instructive to look at the different approaches taken so far by Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and others.

It won’t take too long for the market to consolidate and some competitors to be left out; it would seem that with so much to offer, let’s hope Oppo doesn’t take too long to launch its flagship foldable device outside of China.

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