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The Oppo Find N2 Flip sounds like Samsung’s worst nightmare – and it’s coming to the UK soon


Oppo has unveiled the new Find N2 Flip phone to UK fans ahead of its much-anticipated UK launch on February 15

The Find N2 Flip looks set to be a major and much-needed rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip lineup, which has dominated the flip phone form factor revival over the past few years.

Oppo will bring a phone to the party with a much larger screen than the Galaxy Z Flip Fold 4which will allow users to do more without opening the internal display.

Oppo isn’t yet ready to reveal the exact size and resolution on that front, but says the external display will give users “the clearest preview of your selfies with its vertical screen, which is the largest of any flip phone.” It says there will be “playful decorations, powerful tools and widgets so you can do more without opening the flip.”

The company also seems pretty excited about the new flexible hinge that underpins the foldable display. This hinge is thinner, smaller and stronger than its predecessor in the original Find Flip. Hopefully this means we’ll see an even smaller gap between the two halves when they’re folded in half, which seems to be the main focus of this year’s folding kits, including future ones Honor Magic Vs.

Again, there aren’t any exact specs available to the public, but Oppo has also promised the biggest battery ever found in a flip phone, which will also benefit from the SUPERVOOC fast charging we’ve seen on the company’s standard flagships. We will clarify these speeds next week.

Oppo also promises a “flagship camera system” with Hasselblad technology on board and a speedy MediaTek Dinensity 9000+ chipset.

The Find N2 Flip will be officially unveiled in all its glory at an Oppo event in London on Wednesday, February 15 at 2:30 PM GMT.

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