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The new Bayonetta 3 gameplay features elegant combat and an unstoppable demon executioner


Today’s live Nintendo Direct revealed new gameplay for Bayonetta 3and a longer post-event video showed more of the titular witch in action alongside series newcomer Viola.

Like the previous two games, Bayonetta’s combat is a combination of stylish attack and well-timed dodges that activate Witch-Time, in which the world slows to a crawl as the Umbral witch unleashes devastating attacks while in this state.

While Bayonetta can easily take out many enemies with her magic and weapons, larger enemies will require her to summon infernal demons. Although these challenges leave her exposed – don’t worry; there is safe for work option it softens the riskier visuals – these demons are powerful allies that will stay on the battlefield until Bayonetta runs out of magic. With these demons on her side, Bayonetta can easily switch between brutal combos, titanic allies and deadly finishers to destroy everything in her path.

Another trick up Bayonetta’s sleeve is the Demon Masquerade, in which she channels the power of the demons associated with her weapon and transforms into powerful new forms that can use devastating new attacks.

In contrast, Viola is a more daring fighter who has no time for elegant theatrics. She can activate Witch Time, blocking attacks at the right time, and summon the demon Cheshire bound to her sword. This forces Viola to fight with her bare hands and sacrifice her Witch Time ability, but Cheshire will jump around the screen and attack anything that moves.

For those who want a casual approach, Bayonetta 3’s difficulty settings can be changed at any time. In addition to the three standard difficulty modes, the Immortal Marionette accessory will automatically handle combos and defenses for you, but your overall battle results will be penalized when this item is used on standard or higher difficulty settings. Once you’re equipped, you’ll be able to pull off the most graceful combos available with just one button press.

Bayonet 3 will be released on October 28, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, and you can check out GameSpot Bayonetta 3 preorder guide to secure a copy of the game.

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