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The Legend of Zelda: What’s the difference between Ganon and Ganondorf?



Ganondorf, full name Ganondorf Dragmire (according to A link to the past management), was originally the head of a band of thieves, according to the wounds Zelda knowledge This was later half-transformed into him becoming the king of the Gerudo, a race of desert-dwelling thieves. But despite this small change, Ganondorf mode of action remained quite consistent.

Personality wise, Ganondorf is a megalomaniac. He is single-minded in his quest to conquer Hyrule and acquire the power he needs to control the land in the process, the mythical Triforce. But with or without the Trisilla Force, Ganondorf is an incredibly skilled swordsman and warlock, and the only people who have ever stood a chance against him are Link and Zelda.

Ironically, despite the fact that Ganondorf constantly finds himself in the hands of Trisila the Force, he is not just a rude person. If anything, he’s one of the most intelligent (and egomaniacal) characters in the franchise. Every interaction with Ganondorf reminds players that he thinks highly of himself and thinks everyone else is inferior to him. And Ganondorf is not only well-spoken and even knowledgeable – at least until his plans go awry – but he also often manipulates Link into opening a path to the Triforce without even interacting with him.

If you want to see Ganondorf at his best/worst, head to his castle Ocarina of time. As the players make their way to the final part of their fortress, Ganondorf plays the organ, which is not only a terrifying thematic instrument, but also one of the most difficult instruments to learn and play. And once Link reaches him, Ganondorf claims that he is the only one worthy of wielding the Triforce, even though the Triforce itself has said otherwise, shattering when he touches it.


Most commonly, Ganon is a vile anthropomorphic pig who usually wields a trident. And even when he’s not talking, Ganon is capable of casting magical spells, specifically summoning fireballs and fire bats to destroy our little hero. He also sometimes transforms into a more subtle monster, such as a Ocarina of timeor a more animalistic pig-like creature, as in Twilight Princess. And this is not even talking about its countless forms Breath of the wild. However, despite these changes, Ganon is still considered an alternate form of Ganondorf – Hyrule History says so. However, his personality changes more than the topography of Hyrule.

As it was said before, in the first The Legend of Zelda game, Ganon has zero lines or personalities; he’s just a gear check to make sure players find the Magic Sword and Silver Arrows because otherwise he’s impossible to beat. U A link to the pasthe actually gets a few lines and some backstory, but in the Ocarina of time, Ganon has become a mute monster again…even though he did talk when he was Ganondorf. And it gets even more confusing from there.

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