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The iPhone 15 Pro may change two of its oldest design features


If you are looking for a specialty iPhone 15 You might be out of luck with a professional redesign, but according to a new report, the rest of the phone’s physical buttons could be in line for a makeover.

9to5Mac sources tell the publication that there are plans to combine the volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro model with a solid-state solution that will work in both directions depending on where the user presses.

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Previous reports claimed that these buttons would be capacitive, similar to the Touch ID home button on the iPhone SE, rather than physical.

According to the report, the mute switch is also going away in its current capacity and will be replaced by a “push-type” mute button, which could also be capacitive.

In this case, you need to press the button hard and get haptic feedback to put the phone in silent mode. The current switch offers a visual status indicator, so it will be interesting to see how Apple handles this.

It also remains to be seen how these solid-state buttons will work through cases. Currently, cases can simply cover the buttons with a soft, clickable surface, but that wouldn’t be possible with the rumored switch to solid-state.

We still have about six months before Apple unveils the iPhone 15 lineup, so there’s plenty of time for the rumors to be debunked. Sometimes we get information about these potential design changes early in the product cycle, but they don’t happen.

The design change we can be more confident about is the move from Lightning ports to USB-C ports for charging and connectivity. There is also a rumored iPhone 15 Pro thinner bezels and a more curved look.

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