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The Galaxy S23 Ultra can be a monster in low light


Evidence has emerged that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera can be an absolute monster in low light.

We have received countless leaks and tips regarding the specifications and capabilities of the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra, both from sources like official and unofficial.

This is the latest statement that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera system will be a serious competitor in low light. First, let’s deal with the official part of the story. Samsung itself posted the following 14-second teaser video on its YouTube account:

The video shows a rising moon, with the resulting stylized word “Mooon” superimposed over it, with the Os replaced by the Galaxy S23’s three camera modules. The video ends with the words “Epic nights are coming”.

This would seem to be a clear indication that the Galaxy S23 series will have increased night shooting potential and quite possibly an algorithm for processing moon shots.

Specifically for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, purported night shots taken directly from the phone have surfaced online, courtesy of Twitter user Edwards Urbina (via Headlines for Android).

It certainly seems like these images show off a camera system that does a great job of capturing celestial bodies and extremely dark scenes in general. The Twitterer has been posting a series of comparison shots of dark scenes in both normal and night modes, showing off the hard work Samsung’s algorithms are doing.

Naturally, Twitter’s tight squeeze doesn’t provide a great way to view the camera’s shooting capabilities, but it does offer a hint of something special.

Rest assured that we’ll be reviewing the entire Galaxy S23 lineup once it’s announced on February 1st.

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