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The found-footage horror comedy is coming to Shudder in October


The directing duo of Joseph Winter and Vanessa Winter contributed their piece to the horror anthology. V/H/S/99which is going to be released through To shudder streaming service on October 20. But before that film hits theaters, Shudder subscribers will get a chance to see the Winters family horror comedy. Deadstreamwhich is set to start broadcasting October 6thousand to help start building hype for DeadstreamShudder released a trailer for the film – and you can watch it in the box at the top of this article.

Written by Zymy Deadstream follows

disgraced internet personality trying to win back her followers by broadcasting one night alone in a haunted house. But when he accidentally angers a vengeful spirit, his grand comeback turns into a real-time fight for his life.

Joseph Winter stars in the film alongside Melanie Stone (We are alive: the border) and Jason K. Weeks (13th Cross).

– says Schuder Deadstream have “a rare horror comedy that is as scary as it is funny. Winters have boldly announced themselves as an exciting young talent ready to take the genre scene by storm.Winters produced the film with Stone and cinematographer Jared Cook, who also appears on screen.

I’m not generally a fan of found footage horror, but the fact that this one has a comedic element intrigued me somewhat. I’ll look into it when there’s good information about it. What do you think about Deadstream trailer? Will you be watching this movie on Shudder in October? Share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

Deadstream is the directorial debut of Joseph Winter. Vanessa Winter previously directed a sci-fi film The devil has his back and episodes of shows Loves life and Studio S.

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