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The finale of “Bittersweet Roswell, New Mexico” leaves fans with hope


Between that and Michael’s “I married my high school sweetheart” comment, it’s a reminder of how far they’ve really come, both individually and together. From the beginning, Alex has struggled with being a “man of Manes” and facing his family’s dark legacy, so he took Geren as his last name – his way of finally breaking free and letting go of that pressure as they start their lives together. Their children will never have to face the same hardships as their parents growing up, nor will they have to carry the burden of the Manes name.

Their final scene is beautiful, watching the two newlyweds hold hands before they drive off in their “newly married” truck. Alex and Michael leave, though we don’t know for how long or if they’ll return to Roswell. All that really matters is that they will have each other as they build a home together.

Since the finale is only the length of a regular episode, we don’t get as much time as we should with Kyle (Michael Trevino) and Isabelle (Lily Coles), but after last episode’s big kiss and their one-on-one scene together, we can officially say that they “end game”. The dialogue between the two is short and sweet, it just promises the audience that this is just the beginning for the couple. They finally admitted that they wanted each other. It’s a shame we don’t get to see what the next chapter in their relationship looks like, because watching them slowly develop over the past few seasons has been priceless.

Even though Liz (Janine Mason) and Max (Nathan Parsons) did get engaged at the end of the episode, after another failed attempt to propose to Liz this time around, it’s impossible not to feel heartbroken by how things unfold. One has to wonder if Max would have returned to Oasis if the writers knew that was the end of the story? Would Liz have gone with him instead of staying in Roswell? It’s so heartbreaking watching these two characters we’ve been rooting for since the beginning say goodbye the way we’re being forced to. However, the decision is not unseemly for either of them, saving his home planet is Max’s destiny and to refuse it would be against who he is.

Ending the show with these two makes sense, and their final look at each other is an exciting shot. There are so many beautiful sentiments in their conversation, as Max puts a ring on her finger and Liz shares her realization that love is just “a constant state of breaking and remaking.” Their relationship has developed so much over the course of the series that their love will survive the distance across the universe. He is going to come back and marry her. So, even if we don’t see it on screen, we know they will reunite and eventually start a life together.

Pairs aside, the hardest part of this series finale might be saying goodbye to the unit. Max gave Michael a typewriter as a wedding present, then told him that his destiny with Alex was the perfect way to convince Michael that this time he needed to put himself first and allow himself to accept that he was finally home instead of of looking for more answers. It’s no secret that Max has always been known to protect those he loves, especially his siblings, so watching him hand over his Sheriff badge to Isabelle was brutal. The thought of a future where the three of them are separated for any length of time is terrifying.

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