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The Federation Stunner is on the Huon River


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No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay. Photo: Included

INSIDE this gem of a home are the luxuries, big and small, that you’d expect in this price range.

The choice of wood and first class finishes and fittings are obvious

throughout the house. Downstairs there is underfloor heating and to the front there are lovely living spaces and a beautifully fitted kitchen.

But the real draw is the sense of privacy created by something more basic than man-made.

This is a prime location home on a quiet headland overlooking the Huon River and Castle Forbes Bay.

The views of the bay and river waters, the lush green hills and the elegant gardens and lawns are simply magnificent.

This is an estate, spacious and privileged.

The neighbor is nowhere to be seen.

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

Built nearly two decades ago, the Federal-style home is embraced by a generous wrap-around porch with large windows and French doors that quietly facilitate transitions from the room to the lawns and pathways, garden and water beyond.

There, a kind of magic is created by hidden spaces formed by groves of mature trees, hedges and plantings of lavender, wisteria and photinia.

Elsewhere there are formal gardens and a variety of fruit and flowers, from pears to berries and apples.

Local eucalyptus and oak trees grow along the perimeter.

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

It’s clear that the owners—and there have only been two of them over the years—have put a lot of thought into planning the entire look of the place.

To one side is a secluded entertaining area with BBQ and beyond is a gentle path through Crown Land to a private waterfront deck on the river.

A series of trails around the property encourage a tour of its 4,751 sq.

Neatly gravelled and tree-lined, the house’s entrance leads to a large double-berth garage, steel-framed and fitted with an automatic door.

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay

The building also has a small apartment or studio/office with all amenities. Inside the house itself, three spacious bedrooms, each equipped with built-in wardrobes, offer their own view of the street.

A large family bathroom is adjacent.

The kitchen showcases quality fittings, generous worktops and storage, and a dining area large enough for the largest gathering.

Elsewhere utility rooms such as the laundry are substantial and offer plenty of cupboard space.

Agent Stephanie Beeston notes that the property is on Canal Highway, just minutes south of the historical city Franklin, is being offered on the open market for the first time.

No.3909 Huon Hwy, Castle Forbes Bay is listed by Homelands Property for over $1.85 million.

– wrote participant Mike Kerr

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