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The 10 Most Valuable Details According to Reddit


The walking dead will come to an end when the eleventh season finale airs on November 20, 2022. With more than a decade of events, there were bound to be some moments that didn’t have the impact the show wanted. In fact, fans on Reddit have compiled a list of cases where they believe The walking dead missed.

They range from moments where the CGI is to blame, to relatively corny dialogue between people like Daryl, Beth, and Rick, among others. There are also some creepier elements, such as the introduction of seemingly cool characters who were quickly killed off. I wonder how Redditors feel about these moments and the reasons why they are filled with the cringe factor.


Daryl and Beth flip through the burning house

“More” showed Daryl and Beth talking about putting the past behind them, but the closed nature of the story and the lack of plot development was not received positively by many viewers. Redditor SIXBEUD pulls no punches, claiming it was a “stupid episode… I remember how scary it was.”

They noted that the moment Daryl and Beth flipped over the cabin they had left burning was the main reason for the shudder. The intention was to show the couple defying what people expect of them, but it felt like a rather forced and contrived moment that felt more satirical than rebellious.

CGI deer

“Say Yes” is a The walking dead an episode fans rarely watch because of its slow pace. It details Rick and Michonne’s attempts to find the resources to support the sanctuary, with Rick looking at a deer in one scene, which was clearly rendered with questionable CGI.

Redditor Aero041191 writes that they “legitimately thought it was a cardboard cutout,” due to the hilariously awkward placement of the deer. This is clearly not one of the The walking deadthe best moments, as even the suspension of disbelief doesn’t work, ignoring how shoddy the CGI work is. Trying to make the audience believe there was a real deer standing there made fans find it cringe-worthy.

Beth’s singing moments

Although fans largely believe that Beth is The walking dead a character who deserves to live, not much was attached to her singing. These moments never really added anything to the story and generally ate up quite a bit of screen time, making some viewers cringe at the forced aspect.

Redditor Ragatrip76 believes that “the show has shamelessly thrown this in 4 or 5 different times, too many”. Beth’s singing scenes also hindered the pacing of the episodes, meaning that the characters had to stop what they were doing and just watch her sing – it just didn’t seem relevant to the larger events.

The first half of season six takes place over a day and a half, meaning that everything Jessie did before she died happened one after the other. After killing a walker in the house, Jessie seemed to find her resolve and gave a brave speech to the people of Alexandria about it.

However, she was killed half a day later, with a Redditor washed up thinking that this speech looks really cringe-worthy, writing that it’s “because of how quickly she died afterwards.” In their opinion, this moment would have been a cool character change, but the fact that Jessie was killed so soon after that made her speech an inconsequential speech.

Andrea and Shane’s bond

Andrea and Shane didn’t have a romantic dynamic before they suddenly linked up after a date together, and it wasn’t well received by fans. Redditor euphoria didn’t like how they “just stared at each other until Shane said something…it was so AWESOME”.

The moment leading up to their interaction lacked much chemistry, and viewers were quick to point that out. Plus, Andrea and Shane had nothing to do with each other after that scene, so it was all basically for nothing, which didn’t occur to most fans.

Death of Glenn

Killing Glenn was the saddest death in the world The walking deadthe seventh season, which takes place right during the premiere. Unfortunately, the graphic nature of this turned many viewers off the show, according to a Redditor agmos writing that they “turned [their] eyes after that.’

This was hard for many viewers to take, especially given the fact that Glenn’s eye popped out for a few seconds while he spoke the final words. It’s hard not to cringe or cringe at the brutal demise of such a beloved character, and many fans even vowed to quit the show after the brutal moment.

Acquaintance with the inhabitants of the prison

Rick and company seemed to face real threats in Tomasz’s group when the prison’s inhabitants were first shown. However, most of them are soon killed off in funny ways, which makes watching their classy encounters disappointingly funny.

Redditor katiedid05 thinks it was cringe-worthy because “they behave very badly, but they’re mostly idiots.” Thomas and his men tried to make it seem like they were on Rick’s side, but did a poor job of hiding their betrayal – Thomas himself was quickly killed by Rick. Looking at their original attitude now seems trite.

Trying to make the main characters evil

In “The Same Boat”, Maggie and Carol are part of Rick’s group that kills the Saviors in exchange for goods from the top of the hill. Obviously, the main characters went to some lengths to survive, but fans weren’t convinced that made them evil compared to the Saviors.

One of the rescuers, Paula, bluntly said that Rick’s group is not the good guys that Redditor Tom Bonner1 writes, “always felt extremely forced.” Viewers were scared because the show basically wanted to impose a narrative on fans without letting them make up their own minds. Also, it was obvious that the episode was aimed at this idea, so the character who actually said it was too on the nose.

Carl and Ron’s fight

The Anderson family is generally considered one of the the most annoying characters in The walking dead. Ron’s constant whining made him look weak, but somehow he was able to challenge Carl despite the fact that the latter was experienced in survival.

Redditor archangel610 found some creepy aspect to him that “all Carl could do was give a cute little nudge.” The exchange between Ron and Carl felt more like a play fight than a real moment of conflict, and viewers were irritated that Ron even looked like a threat when he shouldn’t have been.

Oceanside joined Rick’s group after the latter captured them

Rick and company invade Oceanside to essentially force them to fight the Saviors alongside them. They even take a few of them hostage to make sure they comply until the walkers break out – then the captives are released and everyone reunites.

Redditor orcaneSQ believes that none of this “was a good idea and the scene looked ridiculous”. The cringe-worthy aspect is twofold, as Rick’s plan made no sense, and how hard it was to believe that Oceanside would suddenly become friends with Rick for freeing them when he was responsible for their capture. All this turned out not to be logical, but rather a forced way to advance the story into the alliance of characters.

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