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The 10 best movies and TV shows on Netflix this week


While Netflix list of the top ten movies for the week of August 29 to September 4 saw a few changes at the top, with another clear winner for the streaming service this week. The Netflix top 10 the website ranks all available features on its platform based on views, with the top ten pieces of content updated weekly to reflect ongoing viewing trends. Netflix’s Top 10 Sites, which first launched on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, also includes the aforementioned ratings data for viewing from June 28, 2021, when the feature was first introduced to the Netflix Smart TV interface.


Netflix’s official top 10 includes Netflix Original Content from the company’s production studios and all licensed movies and TV shows available on the platform. During its much-publicized October 2021 earnings report, Netflix revealed that it will now consider total hours watched to determine its Top 10 ranking, instead of the two-minute watch metric previously used. The list can also be filtered by country and/or language to get different regional and cultural results.

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This week, several contenders made the Netflix Top 10 list for the first time, as well as several contenders who dropped out and returned earlier in August. Dramatic films Purple hearts and Look both ways enjoyed consecutive weeks as well as more erotic The next 365 days. Directed by Jamie Foxx a movie about vampires Day shift continued to slide in the rankings until Time for me enjoyed a second straight week at the top. Here are the top 10 Netflix movies and TV shows in English from August 29, 2022 to September 4, 2022.

Top 10 Netflix Movies (August 29 – September 4, 2022, English Only)

Here are the top 10 movies on Netflix this week:

10. Pledge (6,100,000 viewing hours), number of views: 3,050,000 – Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise star in this thriller about a taxi driver who drives a killer around Los Angeles.

9. Gray man (6,260,000 viewing hours), number of views: 2,980,952 – When a top CIA asset (Ryan Gosling) – his identity is unknown – uncovers the agency’s secrets, he sparks a global manhunt for the killers released by his former colleague.

8. Purple hearts (6,260,000 watch hours), views: 3,130,000 Despite their differences and against all odds, a budding singer-songwriter and a soldier fall hopelessly in love.

7. The next 365 days (9,070,000 watch hours), number of views: 4,902,703 – Laura and Massimo’s relationship is tested in the third part of this 50 shades of gray –series style.

6. Day shift (9,450,000 watch hours), views: 5,108,108 – A hard-working dad who takes care of his daughter uses a boring job cleaning the pool as a cover for his real gig: hunting and killing vampires.

5. Look both ways (11,780,000 Hours viewed), number of views: 6,544,444Natalie’s life branches out in two different directions after she takes a pregnancy test on the day of her college graduation.

4. This is Amor (17,420,000 viewing hours), Views: 11,613,333 In this romantic comedy, Sofia discovers new opportunities with a Spanish chef after her previous relationship and job suddenly end.

3. I came (30,790,000 watch hours), number of views: 17,105,556 A graffiti artist who targets the homes of the wealthy elite uncovers a dark secret full of the dangers he suspected.

2. Love at the villa (41,220,000 watch hours), views: 21,694,737 When her holiday apartment in Italy is overbooked, Julie has to contend with a cynical but attractive stranger sharing it with her.

1. Time for me (56,560,000 Watch Hours), views: 32,320,000A stay-at-home dad (Kevin Hart) returns to the party life when he reunites with his best friend (Mark Wahlberg) for birthday adventures.

Top 10 Netflix TV Shows (August 29 – September 4, 2022, English Only)

Here NetflixTop 10 English Language TV Shows:

  1. Echo: Limited Edition (36,580,000 watch hours)
  2. The Devil in Ohio: Limited Edition (35,370,000 watch hours)
  3. Sandman: 1 season (33,320,000 watch hours)
  4. Partner track: 1 season (31,140,000 watch hours)
  5. Strange things 4 (20,280,000 watch hours)
  6. I AM A KILLER: Season 3 (17,920,000 watch hours)
  7. Manifesto: 1 season (16,410,000 watch hours)
  8. Never I never: Season 3 (14,820,000 watch hours)
  9. Sale of OC: 1 season (13,670,000 watch hours)
  10. Manifesto: Season 3 (11,930,000 watch hours)

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