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Surface Duo is dead as Microsoft gets down to the real deal – report


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Microsoft canceled Surface Duo series of dual-screen phones after just two generations.

Windows Central sources say there won’t be a Surface Duo 3, with Microsoft instead moving to a foldable tube-like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold line. The report says that there will be a foldable internal display and an external display.

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According to sources, the decision was made after a year of experimentation with the form factor of the equipment. However, Microsoft’s commitment to the dual-screen form factor has been in question almost since the launch of the first device.

The first device was launched in 2019, but didn’t hit the UK until February 2021. Even then, the Android-based device had limited support. The second-generation device arrived in October of that year, but the £1,349 price tag was steep, even with improved internals and the addition of 5G.

However, it struggled to make a name for itself, the Android implementation wasn’t the best, and it’s probably not surprising to see Microsoft change tack now that consumers seem to have decided to opt for sophisticated devices rather than the bookish alternative to the dual-screen Surface Duo advertised.

The report says that Microsoft has gone so far as to complete development of the Surface Duo 3 and confirm new features ahead of the rollout, but better late than never.

“I’m told that this new foldable device comes after the company has already completed development of the dual-screen design for the Surface Duo 3. That original dual-screen design was supposed to be released in late 2023 as the next Surface Duo with narrower and taller displays edge-to-edge, wireless charging and other improvements.”

Windows Central

It is not yet known if Microsoft will have a sophisticated version ready for release in 2023.

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