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Splatoon 3 frame rate and resolution details


Technical analysis of Splatoon 3 including frame rate and resolution

Posted on September 7, 2022 by the author Brian(@NE_Brian) Art News, Switch

Splatoon 3 frame rate resolution

Splatoon 3 is almost here, and Digital Foundry has put out a video that explores the game from a technical standpoint, including framerate and resolution. Some other interesting tidbits were also shared.

Here’s the full list:

– Lighting seems to have been improved compared to past games
– The visual fidelity and size of Splatsville have increased compared to previous hubs
– Docking resolution is higher than native 1080p, lower range is 820p
– Uses dynamic resolution scaling to ensure smooth operation
– Resolution in portable mode goes up to 720p with dynamic resolution scaling down to about 75 percent of that
– Maximum pixels are supported more often than expected, especially in portable mode
– FSR 1.0 is apparently used for Splatoon 3, but doesn’t do much
– Splatoon 3’s frame rate is mostly 60 FPS
– Only the hub runs at 30 FPS
– Performance is very stable
– New for Splatoon 3 with fur texture applied to slime and some enemies
– When exploring islands in singleplayer, the paint you spray stays on the level until you close the game.
– There seems to be no FPS slowdown in singleplayer
– The loading time is relatively short

You can check out Digital Foundry’s full technical analysis of Splatoon 3, covering the game’s frame rate, resolution, and more below.

Splatoon 3 is set to release for Switch on September 9, 2022 worldwide.

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