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Shakira Barrera has joined the cast of Ironheart for Disney+


Ironheart’s the cast has gained a new member! In accordance with Deadline, Shakira Barrera has joined the team as a regular on the upcoming Disney+ show. Marvel has not confirmed the role at this time.

Iron heart the series is slated to consist of six episodes and will star Dominic Thorne like Riri Williams. For beginners, Iron heart follows Riri, a young inventor who is a certified super genius. While at school, she secretly creates her super suit, similar to Iron Man. Join Thorne Anthony Ramos, Manny Montana, Alden EhrenreichRegan Alia, Shea Cooley and Zoe Terrakes.

The Ironheart series is created by Chinaka Hodge (Snowman), with Sam Bailey and Angela Barnes set to direct. Ryan Coogler’s multimedia company Proximity is working on the series, with Coogler serving as one of the executive producers. He joined Chinaki Hodge, Zinzi Coogler, Sev Ohanian, Luis D’Eposito, Victoria Alanos, Brad Winderbaum, Zoe Nagelhout and Kevin Feige, who is also executive producing. Hodge is also credited as the lead writer for the series.


As for Barrera, her previous credits include Lady Wrestler Yolanda on Netflix SANCTIFICATION. Another Netflix original she can be found in is the role of Lulu This is Bruno. She recently wrapped up the OWN drama Everyone gets up and can be found in the original Freevee series, Spring-loaded.

Ironheart’s place in the MCU

Ever since her announcement to join the MCU, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding Ironheart and her overall role in the MCU. Last year, it was announced that the character would make her grand debut to the universe in the coming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. This is confirmed by the fact that she was briefly seen in a teaser that was released last July, including a shot of her carving a heart out of metal. This already confirms a major change in Riri’s story; in the comics, she received Tony Stark’s blessing to continue making her supersuits and take on the superhero role. But in Wakanda foreverwe see her rubbing elbows with the super genius Shuri.

While production of Ironheart continues, several leaks have hit the net. Future merch for Wakanda Forever has teased Riri’s costume for the film, as well as Shura and Nakia’s updated looks for the film. In August in the photo a shot for Iron heart were tracedfeaturing the Ironheart suit for the show as well as the suit for Anthony RamosHood’s role. Judging by the projects between the two projects, Ironheart in Wakanda forever will be the test suit, while a more refined and refined suit will debut at the show.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in theaters on November 11, 2022. Iron heart scheduled for Fall 2023. While that may seem like a long break, plans to release five shows set in the MCU meanwhile after She is the Hulk, which is currently streaming on Disney+. Let’s hope they can keep fans fed until Riri makes her solo debut on the streaming service.

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