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Sep 7, 2022 Hints and Answers


The September 7th Wordle fix re-repeats vowels that have proven difficult for players.

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September 7 Wordle throws in another challenging word for players as it contains another answer with repeated letters next to each other. However, what makes this word even more difficult to guess is that the repeated letters are also vowels. So it makes sense for players who want to solve today’s problem Wordle answer to find the correct position of at least one of these vowels before continuing. Once the players identify the two vowels, they are still not out of danger because the answer is relatively unclear. However, players will have a better chance of solving today’s solution using clues or other strategy.


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Like the previous answers this week, today’s answer is also perfect for Wordlestrict regime. Although this mode will make players spend more time solving the puzzle, it will be more beneficial in the long run if players master it. Also, because hard mode has stricter rules, it gets players into the habit of thinking outside the box and using different strategies that they wouldn’t be able to develop in normal mode. However, players who only like to play Wordle are using normal mode and can’t guess the answer, you can use some hints below to get a better idea.

Today’s Wordle Clues (September 7 #445)

Today’s solution has the same characteristics as the solution to answer for Wordle 443. Being a particularly confusing word, many players end up getting stuck on the fourth or fifth try and may have no idea of ​​the answer. Here’s where the hints come in handy, as they provide more context for today’s decision without spoiling the answer for them:

  • Hint 1: synonymous with suspicious or wary
  • Hint 2: they were ____ their neighbors. (Fill in the blank)
  • Hint 3: to be cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 7 #445)

Wordle’s response from September 7 is as follows LEER.

Because of the repeated letter, players may have to use other obscure words to help them identify the repeated vowels. Words like STEER will allow players to identify not only the three confirmed letters, but also that there is a repeated letter in the answer. Once players find a repeating letter, they have to use five-letter words that have vowel sounds next to each other. During our attempts, words like TEARY, CLEAR, and LEERS helped us decide today’s Wordle to answer in less than six tries.

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