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Samara Weaving stars as a ’90s pop star in the comedy thriller


Genre ordinary Samara weaving (Babysitter, Mayhem, Ash vs Evil Dead, Ready or Not, etc.) has a role in Shout 6which is very recent finished filming – and is already hard at work on another genre project – a comedy thriller Border. Diversity reports that Border currently filming in Vancouver, s Nanny: Queen of the Assassins writer Jimmy Worden is at the helm, making his directorial debut.

Overseers Border the once-blacklisted script is in the spotlight

a hopelessly romantic sociopath who escapes from a mental hospital and breaks into the home of a ’90s pop superstar. He just wants to be loved; she just wants to survive.

Weaving is joined by Eric Dane (Euphoria), Ray Nicholson (Something from Tiffany), Alba Battista (Mrs. Harris is going to Paris), and Jimmy Fales (The last black man in San Francisco).

Border sponsored by Productivity Media, Inc. The producers of the film are Nanny writer Brian Duffield, Tom Ackerley and Josie McNamara of LuckyChap Entertainment and Hadeel Reda of Red A Entertainment. Productivity Media’s William G. Santar, Andrew Chang-Sang and John Hills serve as executive producers along with Brightlight Pictures’ Colin Camp, Sean Williamson and Jameson Parker and Radiant Films International’s Mimi Steinbauer. Denise Lauren and LuckyChap’s Bronte Payne are co-producers.

Steinbauer said that “Samara, Dane and Rae are the perfect cast to carry Jimmy’s smart, gripping comedy thriller through all its twists and turns.

I am a fan of Samara weaving and Border sounds interesting to me, especially since the authors of both Nanny movies are involved so I will definitely watch this movie when the time comes. How Border sound like you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Worden also wrote the screenplay for an upcoming film directed by Elizabeth Banks Cocaine bearis exactly what it sounds like: a film about a cocaine-fueled bear rampage.

Here is the first image from Border:

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