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Ryan Reynolds’ best-reviewed film in history is lucky to be streaming


via the A24

You can hardly turn around without seeing the actor, superhero, producer, football team owner, gin mogul, advertising executive, cyber security investor and mobile service provider Ryan Reynolds these days, the 45-year-old regularly sticks his fingers into an increasing number of pies.

Now established as one of Hollywood’s biggest, most popular and highest-paid stars, Reynolds’ bread and butter for most of the past decade has been glossy action films that to require little more of him than to play in the extension of himself. It’s been a while since he’s ventured into the realm of low-budget drama, but maybe it’s something he should try more often, given that in 2015, Mississippi Grind is considered the best-reviewed film of his entire career.

Mississippi Grind
via the A24

The drama about Ben Mendelsohn’s gambler who experiences a surge in fortune when he meets the charming Curtis Reynolds scored an impressive 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, far ahead of all competitors in the star’s filmography. However, audiences weren’t as receptive, and it’s disappointing to see how much they disliked the film compared to the critics.

A 55 percent user rating of more than 5,000 votes on the aggregation site highlights the huge discrepancy; Mississippi Grind may be the top of the critics’ pile, but Reynolds has starred in no fewer than 36 film and television projects that have grown in popularity with the general public. It’s mind-blowing stuff, but Hulu subscribers ignore it.

Agreed FlixPatrol, Mississippi Grind sits at number eight on the streamer’s watch list, proving that maybe people are listening to critics after all. Either that or Reynolds’ name convinces them to press play.

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