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Rumors: A Mario movie release ‘Holiday 2023’ has surfaced on the Illumination Paris website.


There hasn’t been much information about Illumination and Nintendo Super Mario movie lately. The film is set to hit theaters in 7 months. Unfortunately, there may be a good reason for that if the latest rumors about the film are to be believed.

You see, Illumination has a subsidiary studio in Paris that produces animated feature films. This same subsidiary studio also has an official website that contains their portfolio. Inside their portfolio is a page for the Super Mario movie.

The page was recently updated. The site still has the official poster that mentions the old “holiday 2022” release date, but now to the right of the poster on the page there is text stating that the film will be “in theaters holiday 2023” instead of April.

This suggests that the film has been delayed again. There hasn’t been an official announcement of a delay, so there’s plenty of room to consider this a rumor, but this is as close as you can get. When an official statement is made by Illumination and/or Nintendowe will let you know.

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