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Rebecca Chambers (benefits, tips and strategies)


Resident Evil’s Rebecca Chambers comes to Dead By Daylight in Project W, and her unique perks make her a great support for healing generator speed.

Resident Evil’s Rebecca Chambers comes to her senses Dead By Daylight as a survivor of Project W. Rebecca joins a comrade Resident Evil characters Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine from the first Dead By Daylight Resident Evil section. New Dead By Daylight Project W’s section brings more than just the iconic Resident Evil STARS medic, but also Ada Wong with Albert Wesker as the new Slayer. Unlike Killers in Dead By Daylight, Survivors do not have a special power. Instead, they share most of the same basic abilities and are primarily distinguished by their appearance and three unique perks. Rebecca’s unique bonuses in Dead By Daylight help her increase the speed of her teammates, buy teammates more time while they are on the hook, and get through skill checks, heals and generators faster.


In accordance with Dead By Daylight lore, Rebecca was captured by a mysterious Entity during the events of the first Resident Evil game After escaping the Umbrella facility, she went to look for the rest of her team, STARS Bravo Team, and instead found a dense fog. She entered this mist only to be chased by a mysterious creature with a club to end up in Dead By Daylight’s game universe.

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Thanks to the new Prestige system, recently released in the Dead By Daylightonce players reach level 50 with Rebecca, they can pay 20,000 blood points to prestige her and unlock her level I perks for all other Survivors. Earn enough blood points to Dead By Daylight to reach level 50 and gain prestige the second and third time, you will unlock the benefits of level II and III for all other survivors. It also works to give Rebecca the perks of other Survivors the player chooses for Prestige. Similar to Dead By Daylight’s original Survivor Claudette Morel, Resident Evil’s Rebecca Chambers is best shaped as a healer to make the most of her best bonuses.

Like everyone else Dead By Daylight Rebecca the Survivor comes with three unique perks: Confidence, Better Than New, and Hyperfocus. These bonuses provide the following benefits:

  • Reassurance: When inside 6 meters connected Survivor, press the Active Ability button to stop their donation process for the next one 20/25/30 seconds. If the connected Survivor has already entered the Combat Phase, skill checks are suspended for that time. Appeasement can only be used once per Hook instance.
  • Better than new: After completing another Survivor’s Heal action, they gain the following effects up to their next damage:
    • Increases their healing, unlocking, clearing and blessing action speed 14/12/16%.
  • Hyperfocusing: After making an excellent skill check while repairing or healing, Hyperfocusing profits 1 tokenmaximum 6 tokens. The following stackable effects apply to each token:
    • It is increasing chances Trigger skill check by +4% for a token.
    • It is increasing skill check rotation rate +4% for a token.
    • It is increasing skill check bonus progression 10/20/30% from its base value per Token.
    • Hyperfocus loses all tokens on a successful skill check, failed skill check, or if the action is interrupted in any way.

By far the most useful of these are Reassurance and Better Than New. Appeasement can combat camping killers and help get a zero-hour unhooked when the unhooked Survivor would otherwise be a few steps late to complete the save. At the same time, Better Than New’s speed boost encourages co-healing rather than self-healing, and can help combat some of the more oppressive slow benefits that have become part of new Killer meta.

Players should try the following Dead By Daylight The survivor builds on Rebecca, provided they have the required perks unlocked:

  • Altruistic doctor:
    • Reassurance
    • Better than new
    • We Will Do It (Most Survivor Base)
    • Empathy (Claudette Morel) or Aftercare (Jeff Johansen). Kindred can also be used here so that the survivor can see if the killer is killing.
  • Jockey generator:

Dead By Daylight Survival Guide: Rebecca Chambers (Perks, Tips & Strategies)

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