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Realme C55 “Mini Capsule” looks like iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island


Realme has launched a new phone in Indonesia, the Realme C55, which has a so-called “mini-capsule” that looks a lot like the Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro.

The highlight of the Realme C55 is the new pill-shaped notification system that comes to life in such a way that it appears to appear seamlessly from the in-display selfie camera. Now, where have we seen this before?

Realme’s implementation can show things like the phone’s battery and charging status, data usage, and step count.

We do not expect third party support for this Mini Capsule. In order for this to happen, Google will likely adopt a similar system directly into Android. Still, we’d be surprised if Realme were the last Android manufacturer to take a leaf out of Apple’s playbook with the whole Dynamic Island thing.

Honestly, we’ve been waiting for Dynamic Island imitators ever since iPhone 14 Pro launched. Any iPhone feature that is perceived as original and good tends to be adopted by the Android masses for years to come.

Witness Touch ID, flat-sided design, all-in-one gesture-based input, and more.

Of course, Apple is not above stealing itself. The 120Hz display is a relatively recent addition, while it’s always been a few steps behind Android in terms of notifications.

Apart from this notification system, the Realme C55 looks pretty unremarkable affordable (it costs around £160) phone with a crisp (and iPhone-esque) design with flat sides, a 6.72-inch 90Hz display, a Helio G88 processor, a 64MP primary camera, and 33W charging.

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