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Rainbow Six Mobile officially begins closed beta testing on Android


Tom Clancy’s beloved franchise has some strong titles for the mobile platform. Both Revival of the division and Rainbow Six Mobile are in active development and should be released in the future. Speaking of Rainbow Six Mobile In particular, a few months ago Ubisoft started alpha testing, which was open to a certain number of users.

The alpha test went pretty well and the developers got a lot of feedback from fans. As with most of these tests, this led to a lot of work on mechanics such as matchmaking, circular flow, different menus, user experience and core gameplay. All of this refinement has finally led to the next phase of Rainbow Six Mobile’s development – the beta test.

And today, Rainbow Six Mobile’s closed beta testing finally begins. Android users who registered in advance may already have access to it and registration is still open Google Play. Multiple users can still be selected. Unfortunately, iOS users don’t have it right now, but a version for them should be available soon. At the moment, people living in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines and India can start participating in Rainbow Six CBT.

The latest additions to this test are the preliminary stages of the unlock system and operator progression. This will provide daily challenges for finishers and a ticketing scheme that can be used to unlock operators and use them in matches. In addition, R6M also adds a battle pass and three new iconic maps from the original game – Bank, Border and Clubhouse. Graphical improvements have also been made so that the game will look much better than the alpha.

Of course, nothing the players are experiencing right now is set in stone, and things will change based on feedback. Expect the graphics to be constantly improved and the gameplay to become tighter and more optimized. Check out the official Rainbow Six Mobile website for the latest news.

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