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Quinn shares his experience at the TI11 NA Qualifier Grand Final


The second set of qualifiers has concluded, with North America (NA) and China claiming their champions, Soniqs and Royal Never Give Up (RNG), respectively. After going 3-0 denominators in the grand finals of the NA Qualifiers, Soniqs and Quinn “Queen” Callahan received a direct invite to the TI11 group stage alongside BetBoom Team, Hokori and RNG.

In the winner’s post-match interview, Soniq mid laner Quinn interviewed Austin’s spellcaster duo “cap” Walsh and Avery “SVG” Silverman on the team’s feelings after the win and thoughts on the match.

Quinn proves the doubters wrong and shares his Grand Final experience

Soniqs found themselves in danger of not qualifying for the TI11 group stage after a stunning defeat to Nouns in the top bracket final. However, the team managed to crawl back to victory as they defeated Wildcard Gaming 2-0 in the lower bracket finals and then defeated Nouns in a rematch in the Grand Finals by a dominant 3-0 score on the final day of qualifying.

Following this win, SVG and Cap interviewed Quinn about the team atmosphere and his overall performance during the qualifiers. Quinn admitted the Soniqs needed a wake-up call after an embarrassing loss to the underdogs in the Upper Bracket final. On the last day, the team continued their unbeaten streak.

“Honestly, we played like absolute crap yesterday, especially me. I was playing like a living, walking garbage can, and at that point I needed a wake-up call to play my best on the last day.”

When asked about the atmosphere in the team after the 3-0 win over Nouns in the Grand Final, Quinn said the team felt relieved after the win.

“I mean, there were fist bumps and just a sense of relief because most of the time when you have to play in qualifiers it’s so stressful that when it’s over you’re just relieved more than anything else. I think everyone just breathes a sigh of relief and cools off after that. We’ll just go back and watch some TV at the AirBnB before we fly out tomorrow.’

SVG then asked Quinn what he thought about facing Topson at TI11 as the Finnish mid laner is currently trying to qualify for TI11 from T1. Quinn replied that he would be very interested in playing against Topson.

“[Laughs]. It’s hype, I haven’t played against Topson in a while. I would like to play against him [at TI11].”

Finally before the end of the interview, Quinn managed to get a quick message out to the doubters before heading off to celebrate with his team, saying “Haters suck my nuts.”

With this win, Quinn and Soniqs will join BetBoom Team, Hokori and RNG as the fourth team invited from the regional qualifiers, while Nouns and Wildcard Gaming will have to go all out to qualify through the Last Chance qualifiers.

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