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Taking Monday off and going to the LGS evening to assemble and paint really got me into the work week. I hope you had a good Monday, whether you went out or not. But since it’s Tuesday, let’s continue to make this week go by faster with some gaming podcasts. This week we have on the dial:

Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 266: What Makes This Show Different?

Someone has another idea, and this time it’s about short topic videos. That’s what we’re going to try and try with this episode of RDTN. Background noise in our regular podcast is bad enough, but now video background noise?

We spend 30 minutes talking about what we’re going to talk about when we do. We’re doing a Taste Buds segment with the newest cola flavor and giving our thoughts. Spoiler alert, it’s not as bad as Starlight. The rest of the time, we try to stay on topic. Yes, all in 30 minutes with no edits and no $5 for mistakes.

Do the words Trainwreck come to mind?!?

D6 Generation Pip Episode 134: D&D Live Session 58: Mini Gnomes and Fish Dinosaurs

In which we learn how to stop Pyric from throwing a fireball and how to make a dramatic escape from plunging under the ice of a frozen lake.

Battletome Vol. 5: Battletech

Enter, Gods of War! In the fifth volume of Battletome, the miniatures gaming hobby podcast, Bender, Aaron and Jamie welcome a new dirty casual to the Cabal host roster, Mike! The group talks about their hobby projects, including Warcry, Frostgrave, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Star Wars Legion, Warhammer 40,000 and Moonbreaker. Then the guys get into the classic miniature war game Battletech by Catalyst Game Labs.

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