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Overwatch 2’s Jon Spector Confirms Heroes Will Be Unlockable On The Free Battle Pass Track


Blizzard hasn’t been good with its leaks lately, and last night there was another one when the description Supervision 2‘s Watchpoint Pack has grown. This included the announcement that players who purchased the Premium Battle Pass would have immediate access to the game’s new support hero, Kiriko, prompting commercial lead John Spector to take to Twitter and to assure people that the hero is available on the free battle pass track and not the paid one.

While this means new heroes remain available without having to pay for them at launch (an element that was present in Supervision since the game’s launch), this is a pretty significant departure from the game’s previous development philosophy of saving nothing but cosmetics during playtime and keeping the roster accessible to everyone. Spector doesn’t say what funds will be available to players who didn’t originally earn the hero through the Battle Pass, simply stating that there will be undisclosed methods. Probably no where you want the hype train to be when the game launches on October 4th.


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