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OnePlus is committing to four years of software updates for future phones


Smartphone brand OnePlus is committed to supporting select future models with four years of OxygenOS software updates and five years of security updates.

OnePlus held an event in London this week where it announced news that some phones launched in 2023 and beyond will benefit from the brand’s new commitment. Compared to the previous commitment, it includes an increase in three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates for select models.

The promise also effectively puts the OnePlus brand on par with arch-rival Samsung in terms of software updates and elevates it above the rest of Android, including Google itself. Android-branded and Pixel-branded phones only promise three years of major software updates, though they also provide five years of security updates.

OnePlus will release the next version of its user interface, OxygenOS 13.1, during the first half of 2023. It will almost certainly be accompanied by a launch OnePlus 11 a line of flagship phones.

OxygenOS 13 only began to unfold earlier this month with an updated design. OxygenOS 13.1 will obviously focus on “enhanced security” through an improved version of the Private Safe feature that was introduced in OxygenOS 13. The company’s digital health efforts will also receive some attention with the release, along with additional accessibility features.

The company also revealed that it is working on the future direction of OxygenOS after holding an in-person European Open Ears Forum that took feedback from the local community. OxyGenOS has been criticized in recent years because its clean, crisp OS adopted more elements of Oppo’s heavier ColorOS.

The OnePlus brand is now owned by Oppo, and the two companies have merged the base code of their operating systems.

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