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Now’s your chance to get the Galaxy S22 Ultra for cheap with this Black Friday deal


If you’ve been waiting for a price cut on Samsung’s latest flagship, then this monthly contract could be your chance.

This big data deal will let you get Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 500GB per month for just £45 per month. That means you’ll pay £1,080 for the phone over the course of your 24-month contract (which is itself less than the RRP of £1,149), but on top of that you’ll get massive amounts of mobile data and unlimited number of calls and texts, making it a real deal breaker.

However, whether it’s too expensive for you or you have more money to spend wisely, head over to our live blog to check out our best black friday dealsincluding savings on headphones, TVs, consoles and more.

Get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and 500GB of data for £45 a month

With this great Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra deal, you can get the best Android phone along with a whopping 500GB of data per month, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for just £45 a month.

  • Mobile phones Direct
  • £29 in advance
  • £45 per month

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We praised the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra lavishly and have since called it “the best Android flagship ever.” That’s because he delivered more or less in every direction.

The massive 6.8-inch OLED screen has incredible levels of brightness and detail that make it comfortable, especially when watching movies or playing games. As for the latter, it also has a top-tier processor on board that has registered high performance numbers.

But it’s the camera suite that’s the real star of the show for the S22 Ultra, with a host of sensors that do a great job of capturing fine details, while the zoom capability is simply a step ahead of the rest of the competition.

While the 45W fast charge can top up the battery in about an hour, we found battery life overall to be one of our few disappointments with the phone, being good but not brilliant.

This deal is a great chance to get the S22 Ultra on a great contract at a great price, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with a device we’ve awarded four and a half stars out of five. This is one of the best contract deals we’ve come across this sales period.

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