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Norman Reedus recalls ‘almost dying’ while filming ‘The Walking Dead’ final season


Norman Reedus suffered a concussion while filming the final season of The Walking Dead, and at one point the actor thought it could be very serious.

Characters c The walking dead often get unpleasant injuries. It seems working on the show can be as deadly as Norman Reedus recently revealed, recalling how he thought he might die after suffering a severe head injury while filming earlier this year. The Walking Dead is starting right now, with the final episodes of the main show airing this fall, but for fans of Daryl Dixon’s Reedus, the actor will soon be back in his own spin-off show.

During the conversation with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming series finale and its sequels, Reedus, who as Daryl faced death multiple times throughout the show’s 11 seasons, discussed the concussion he suffered while filming the season 11 finale and how at one point he truly believed that may die after failing a neurological exam and having to be put on watch. He said:


“Oh man, that was awful. This whole ordeal was terrifying for me personally. I thought I was going to die. It was very serious. It was scary. I got hit in the face and head a million times. I made my way through the windows of the car, but it sounded to me. I have been to a neurologist. I had all kinds of g—. I failed the light test. I had a security guard at the entrance, just in case. I was holding on to the walls as I walked through the rooms. It was crazy.”

On the subject: New details reveal Daryl’s Walking Dead spin-off universe location.

Reedus’ Daryl spin-off will be an integral part The walking dead The universe

The Walking Dead may be coming to an end, but there are some high-profile spin-off shows coming up that will continue the stories of most of the main characters. When it comes to the next phase of Daryl’s journey in a zombie-infested world, The Walking Dead Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple recently revealed exactly how the European show will fit into the universe. He previously said:

“The Daryl spinoff takes place in France. [The World Beyond coda] teasing a bit about some of the things Daryl will face. For starters, Daryl is a fish out of water. When Daryl finds himself with new people, he is a fish in the attic. In France, a country experiencing an apocalypse, [it’s] a completely different thing. He will have to reinvent himself, find himself again, and also not be with – probably – the only people in the world with whom he is comfortable.”

Daryl’s new story was originally supposed to star Melissa McBride as Carol, but the actress had to drop out because she couldn’t film in Europe. however, both McBride and Reedus said there would be a reunion between their characters, and fans haven’t seen the last of their on-screen relationship. Exactly when the two will reunite is still unknown, but as The Walking Dead evolves into a multi-pronged story, there will be plenty of opportunities for that reunion.

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