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Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride Talk About the Future of Their WALKING DEAD Characters — GeekTyrant


AMC’s successful flagship zombie series The walking dead this season ends. But fans are looking forward to the side projects the cabler is planning, which will send some of the series’ most beloved characters on new adventures. One show will tell the story in Daryl Dixon’s next chapter (Norman Reedus) life. It was originally supposed to follow the two popular original characters Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride), but McBride dropped out of the series. The pair have always said we haven’t seen the last of the two fan favorites, and they reiterated that in a recent interview Entertainment Weekly.

When asked about the possibility of Carol coming back, McBride said, “I feel like Carol has more to say,” she says before pausing. “I’ll leave it at that.” Another pause. “I think she has more history.” Another sly smile.

Reedus added:

“Their journey is not over. They are will be meet on the way. You can bet almost all your money. I’ve been reading all these people whining about it and I just have to keep my mouth shut but it will a lot feet in many mouths at some point.”

When McBride hints that Carol will be back and Reedus is rude promising this is what does The walking dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple need I say all this? He replied:

“I mean, they both did it right. There is more to tell. And I love both characters so much that we will be telling stories with each of them moving forward. And who knows what’s next? But I never stopped telling Melissa about it. I’m excited about this idea and I’m very optimistic about the future of telling Carroll’s cool stories.”

So that seals the deal. It would be really nice to see Daryl and Carol together one day. At the moment we have The Daryl Show and the Rick and Michonne series to look forward to! Plus Tales of the walking dead airs on AMC, and the last eight episodes The walking dead should launch on AMC on October 2.

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