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Ninjas in Pajamas announce the European Women’s CS:GO Team


Ninjas In Pajamas (NIP) have taken a big step by announcing a new all-female CS:GO roster made up of players from across Europe. The assembled lineup is quite young with an average age of 22.8 and is all set to debut soon women’s CS:GO league – ESL Impact Season 2.

This list will be headed by Tilda “7 delicious” Byström is from Sweden, who made the team with the Copenhagen Flames Female, and also brings her Finnish teammate Jenika with her “gencon” Sjogren.

They are joined by former GODSENT girl trio – Thea “pullox” Evensen, Marita “Mini” Cillian Sørensen and Meilyn-Joy “ASTRA” Champliot, the first two are from Norway and the third from France.

Ninjas In Pajamas signs a new all-female CS:GO team

Swedish eSports organization NIP has announced a new female CS:GO roster from Europe to compete in the upcoming ESL Impact Season 2, which is set to take place on the 8thousand from September 23rd October.

“We’ve been working for some time to take clear steps to empower underrepresented groups in eSports, and today we’re proud to finally unveil our ESL Impact lineup! We’ve assembled Swedish, Norwegian and French ninjas to create a deadly team that’s here to snap heads, win trophies and make their mark on competitive CS:GO.” read a statement from NIP as part of its official notification.

The first two ESL Impact League tournaments are ESL Impact Valencia 2022 and ESL Impact League Season 1 dominated by Nigma Galaxy Female who compete in the European Division.

This could be a big challenge for the NIP roster as only two slots are available for European teams in the ESL Impact League Season 2 – Main Tournament which will take place on the 25thousand until the 27ththousand November in Jönköping, Sweden.

“I feel like we complement each other perfectly both in-game and IRL, which makes my job as IGL a lot easier. I am very proud to be a part of this lineup and I can assure you that in no time we will show the world what we can do, says 7licious⁠, adding that “The NIP has always been close to my heart and to be able to play under such a legendary organization is just a dream come true, but the work is not done yet.”

The full female CS:GO NIP roster is as follows:

  • Tilda “7 delicious” Quickly

  • Jenitsa “gencon” Sjogren

  • Thea “pullox” Evensen

  • Marita “Mini” Siljan Sorensen

  • Maylin-Joy “ASTRA” Champliot

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